Bride of Nine Spiders (Lightning Lords)

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In 1928, as the Lightning Lords of Nepal were about to inflict cruel tortures on the man who killed their father, Orson Randall, the Bride of Nine Spiders stayed their hands. Even though she had allied herself with the three maniacal brothers, it was clear that she would not tolerate any insubordination from them. Still, she was more interested with Randall, the man who fled the Heart of Heaven before their contest of skill could take place. Bride of Nine Spiders challenged Orson to battle, but he refused and infuriated her to the point where she ordered the Lightning Lords to kill him. The Lightning Lords may have succeeded if not for a timely save by Orson's friend, Lucky Pierre. Most of her life remains unrevealed at this time, but in the most recent tournament between the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, there is a new champion bearing the same name that has taken her place.

One legend concerning her is that a man calling himself Murderous Lion held a makeshift tournament to decide who would be her mate, but the Bride of Nine Spiders was insulted rather than flattered. It was because of her unparalleled beauty Bride of Nine Spiders was sought after by many suitors, but to imagine she would willingly give herself to a mortal merely because he won her in a fight was something she didn't consider. Instead, she spurned Murderous Lion's advances only to engage him in a death match. Murderous Lion, although a highly skilled warrior, wound up dead at the hands of his would-be lover. The Bride of Nine Spiders was also gravely injured, and even though some say she died that day, there is no evidence to suggest the theory is true. In fact, there has been no physical evidence found to claim the battle ever took place save for a lone wounded spider that has lived for more than seventy years without food, water or sleep.

* Note: The Singing Spider, as it came to be known, was auctioned off to a wealthy collector who wanted to unlock the creature's secrets, but he got more than he bargained for when he summoned the current Bride of Nine Spiders in an attempt to capture her.









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