Snowguard (Amka Aliyak)

Amka AliyakSnowguard

The justice-minded and shapeshifting teenager Snowguard protects her Inuit community from corruption and joins the Champions to help others in need.



When Inuk teenager Amka Aliyak investigates a strange facility north of her Canadian village, she finds a trapped Inua spirit known as Sila. She protects Sila from dangerous drones but suffers mortal wounds. Seeing her as a warrior, Sila merges with Amka and endows her with powerful abilities. Amka uses her new abilities to protect her village and joins the teenage Super Heroes, the Champions, as Snowguard.


Spirit Bond

Living in Pangnirtung, a village in Canada, Inuk teenager Amka Aliyak investigates a secret facility just north of her village along with her cautious friend Pilip. Concerned that the facility gets erected in a week and remains a secret, she infiltrates it only to discover its power source: the trapped Inua spirit known as Sila. Sila explains that she is the sky, the wind, the weather, and the soul of the North. When a drone sees Amika as an intruding threat, it attacks and also reinforces the containment field holding Sila. Amika defends Sila, causing a large explosion that nearly kills her. Sila merges with her to save her life and endows her with shapeshifting abilities, though Amka is soon trapped by Eshu, Sila’s captor.



When the Inua spirit Sila merges with Amka, Amka receives enhanced senses and strength as well as shapeshifting abilities. She’s capable of shifting into animal forms, both fully and partially, and combines different animals at one time. She can generate wings that allow her to fly, maintaining her human form. She also possesses control over the aurora borealis. Amka takes the form of a polar bear, a hawk, and often takes the form of a giant white wolf with long claws and sometimes elk-like horns.

Amka speaks both her native Inuktitut and English fluently. She can also communicate while in animal form.



Eshu, the Master of the World, is one of Amka’s earliest foes. First, he traps Amka and Sila to use them as a power source in an effort to halt climate change just so he can rule the planet later. Amka next faces the Master in the alternate reality Weirdworld, when he brainwashes her Champions teammates.

Amka battles the mysterious and monstrous Ted Sallis, AKA Man-Thing, when he seemingly strangles her teammate Viv, but they eventually come to terms later.


Heroic Teammates

The Spirit of the North, Sila, saves Amka’s life by merging with her and offering her shapeshifting abilities.

The Canadian Super Team, Alpha Flight, and teenage heroes, the Champions, butt heads over how to help Amka’s Pangnirtung village, whose inhabitants protest a new facility in their region and its leader, the Master of the World. Though the two teams reconcile and go against the Master once they discover his illicit behind-the-scenes activities. 

Amka joins the Champions soon after, led by Kamala Khan, AKA Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man, Viv Vision, Amadeus Cho, AKA Brawn, Nadia Van Dyne, AKA Wasp, Riri Williams, AKA Ironheart, and Sam Alexander, AKA Nova. While on the team, she acts as their muscle in her wolf form.


Becoming the Story

Amka remained trapped by the Master until Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man, liberated her. Before she could fully explain, she shapeshifted into a polar bear and attacked both Alpha Flight and Champions, interrupting their battle, and not knowing who to trust. Spider-Man zapped her animal form with his electric venom and Elizabeth “Liz” Twoyoungmen, AKA Talisman, magically dissipated Sila energy from Amka, allowing Amka to return to her human form. Amka explained that Sila saved her life and how the spirit was pulled from the ground by the Master’s machines and used like a battery. Finding a common enemy in the Master, the two teams joined Amka in driving him off. 

Amka reunited with her friend Pilip and her mother. Amka recognized that her great-grandfather’s stories about the spirit were true and her mother cried tears of joy while telling Amka he’d be proud of her. Both Alpha Flight and the Champions invited Amka to join their respective teams, but Amka chose the Champions, going by the moniker Snowguard.

Amka joined the Champions on a mission to Africa to investigate a contaminated water source but found themselves under attack by the monstrous Man-Thing. Amka fought bravely in a giant wolf form with horns, but Viv took a major blow. Once Viv was mostly restored, Man-Thing returned and attempted to take her through a portal. Amka and her new colleagues tried to stop him and while they saved Viv, Wasp and Nova were dragged through the portal to Weirdworld. 

With some encouragement from her teammates, Amka communed with Sila to ask for her help. Though Sila warned her of the dangerous path ahead, the spirit offered her the Siege Parallel, a portal device capable of transporting them to their friends while showing them their alternate selves in another reality. The team used the device but it scattered them and granted them new, fantastical identities as was predicted. They soon reunited though they lost their memories and had new names; Amka was known as Snowgore. However, Ironheart retained her memories and worked to restore her teammates to their original selves. They found out that Nadia and Sam were recruited and brainwashed by the Master of the World and soon faced them in battle. Eventually, the team with Ironheart leading the way, was restored and Amka asked Man-Thing to return them home, to which he accommodated.

Amka joined a smaller Champions team in Mexico where they liberated young girls from being sold into an untoward trade. Amka fought the oppressors bravely alongside her teammates. Soon afterward, Viv and Ms. Marvel were both killed on a mission in Dubai, though Miles and Brawn secretly accepted a do-over from the demon Mephisto, who restored them to life. The consequences fractured the team just as the Dark Elf King Malekith and his powerful allies brought the War of the Realms to Earth. Amka joined newer recruits Fernanda Rodriguez, AKA The Locust, and Joaquin Torres, AKA Falcon, on a mission in Brazil to help people in danger and found a country under siege from a relentless horde of undead Niffleheim, destroying everything in their path. They soon met the Disir—former Valkyries of Bor who rebelled against him and now worked for Hela, the Goddess of Death. Champions member Victor Álvarez, AKA Power Man, absorbed a lot of chi and turned a losing fight into a winning one against the Disir, but Amka criticized him afterward for his lack of teamwork and called his actions reckless.

Following a devastating explosion at Coles Academic that resulted in Viv’s apparent death and left Ms. Marvel severely injured, underage Super Heroes were declared illegal and a government-sponsored task force known as C.R.A.D.L.E. was formed. A law was passed in her honor called Kamala’s Law, but Ms. Marvel publicly declared that the Champions would continue in defiance of the law. Amka met with the Champions to decide their next move, but someone snitched and C.R.A.D.L.E. raided the meeting. Amka was captured and taken to a sinister “reform school” where they taught her and other empowered individuals how not to be dangerous. Amka and the others were eventually liberated from these inhumane reform schools, which it turned out were run by the corrupt corporation Roxxon. The Champions exposed Roxxon’s agenda to silence young activists by scapegoating teen Super Heroes and Kamala’s Law was temporarily paused.



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