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Humberto Ramos Talks Inspiration for Fernanda Rodriguez, The Locust

Who is the teenage Champion that leaps into danger? Artist and co-creator Humberto Ramos shares what makes this Marvel Super Hero so special!

Marvel's The Pull List

X OF SWORDS & Mutant Madness In October 2020! | Marvel’s Pull List

Tucker Markus announces new Marvel comics coming in October 2020, including more issues from the highly anticipated X OF SWORDS saga.


Marvel's Young Heroes Fight Back in Three New Series Spinning Out of 'Outlawed'

How are the teen heroes of the Marvel Universe operating after Kamala's Law?


Untangling Cyclops' Time-Warped Journey with the 'Champions'

Look at Slim's journey as he re-teams with the squad in this week's 'Champions' #5!