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Ditmil Pirvat was a happy, family man until the day of his life altering accident. While driving outside of New Delhi, India with his wife and children, Pirvat’s car was struck by a blast of cosmic energy from a malfunctioning, experimental satellite’s ozone analyzer. His family was killed instantly, but Pirvat was to experience a different fate. Ditmil’s body fluctuated between decayed flesh and irradiated cosmic energy, and the only means of survival was to be placed inside am armored containment suit. On that day, he vowed that no one else would suffer ever again because of man’s exploration of space. Taking the name Star Thief, Pirvat went on a one man campaign to sabotage the space launches for the European and Indian space agencies, with NASA worried he would soon reach America. Justice recorded the exploits of Star Thief from a news broadcast, and presented it to his teammates, the New Warriors. The Warriors intercepted Star Thief at his next target in the Philippines and engaged him before he could destroy a rocket funded by the company Stane International. Star Thief was momentarily surprised, but his power was more than enough to handle the likes of Justice, Nova, Firestar and Namorita while Night Thrasher and Speedball took on a small Mandroid contingent. However, Star Thief soon discovered that he could not destroy the rocket because of its deadly payload. Stane was illegally dumping garbage and poisons into space, and if Star Thief destroyed the rocket, it would have released the toxins into Earth’s atmosphere. Namorita, Justice, Firestar and Star Thief paused long enough for Stane to launch the rocket onto its course for the moon with them trapped inside.

The rocket finally reached orbit, and Star Thief announced that he was still intent on obliterating it and its cargo even though the act would have killed the three Warriors on board. A flash of light put a halt to Star Thief’s plan as Lockjaw, of the Inhumans, teleported all four to the Blue Area of The Moon where they were put on trial by the Inhumans’ Judicial Council of Elders. Discovering that the rocket was still headed toward the moon, the Inhumans set out to destroy it before it reached their home, but that only sent Star Thief into a rage claiming their alien civilization must be annihilated. Justice concluded Star Thief must have been nervous any contact with an alien species would only advance man’s space program and that is why Star Thief wanted to leave no trace of the Inhumans. Unfortunately for Pirvat, Black Bolt had unleashed a blast that permanently grounded Star Thief for the duration of their battle. He put up a good fight, but Star Thief could not withstand the assault of the Warriors, combined with the crushing power of Gorgon, Karnak and Medusa. Star Thief eventually wound up in the hands of Uatu the Watcher, and in the short amount of time Star Thief spent with Uatu, he realized there is so much to learn, and the exploitation of space should be stopped, not the exploration. Star Thief along with Black Bolt and Firestar flew off into space, after Pirvat’s containment suit was repaired, and used their awesome powers to incinerate the rocket and the poisons inside. Star Thief asked the Inhumans permission to stay with them, so he could learn to be human once again, and Black Bolt consented.

It is unrevealed how much time Star Thief stayed with the Inhumans, or even if he accomplished what he set out to rediscover with them, but it is entirely possible Star Thief is out roaming the universe he once despised.




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