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Chris Daniels was down on his luck and contemplating suicide, after his wife Donna informed him that she wanted a divorce, and would taking the kids with her. Unable to take his own life Chris wept in frustration. The Hell-lord, Mephisto offered to give him the courage he sought to take his own life. Chris was skeptical due to Mephisto's reputation of being the lord of lies. Reluctantly Chris accepted the offer, by agreeing to relinquish his soul to Mephisto once he died. The catch of this deal was that there was only one way that Chris could die, it was by the hands of the Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch). It was the soul of the Ghost Rider that Mephisto truly coveted. Now infuriated at being tricked Chris took on the name of Suicide and headed to Brooklyn in search of the Ghost Rider, to fulfill the bargain.

After receiving some funky clothing and a ride to Brooklyn from his neighbor Akene. Once he arrived in Brooklyn, Suicide found the Ghost engaged in battle with the demon empowered Zodiak. Suicide attacked the Ghost Rider and begged him to take his life, as his master Mephisto had agreed. Ghost Rider informed him that he was not a merchant of death, but a servant of the Spirit of Vengeance. Their battle was interrupted by Zodiak who was now in possession of the Dykkors powered guaranteed Demon-Killer gun. Suicide was left watching as Ghost Rider pursued Zodiak into the subway.

Suicide later found Ghost Rider and Zodiak in battle once again. Suicide still trying to end his own life decided to attack Zodiak, which resulted in his being severely injured. Although, his wounds healed very quickly, Suicide became very frustrated having come so close to death, attacked Zodiak again. This time he was thrown in front of a train, which left his body mangled and twisted, he managed to get off the track and slowly began to heal. He later met up with Ghost Rider and Zodiak once more, this time Zodiak was holding a pregnant women hostage on the bridge. Suicide's attempt in rescuing the women resulted in her being knocked over the side of the bridge. The woman managed grab a hold of the bridge, and Suicide pulled her to safety. He then lunged at Zodiak and they both fell from the bridge onto a sanitation barge, where they were both impaled by sharps objects in the garbage. Suicide was able to recover from his injuries once again. Zodiak's body was cremated by Ghost Rider and Suicide, leaving nothing but ashes. Suicide and Ghost Rider eventually went their separate ways.

Suicide later returned, while an agent of Deathwatch, known as Death Ninja, was engaged in engaged in a confrontation with the Ghost Rider. The Death Ninja, also wanted to die at the hands of the Ghost Rider. Their actions had the flamed Spirit of Vengeance, frustrated and confused, which led to him leaving the two of them fighting among themselves. Suicide was losing the fight, when Ghost Rider rescued him from the Death Ninja. Only for the three of them to be attacked by Heart Attack. The brawl went on for several minutes, before being joined by Lieutenant Michael Badilino, armed with an A.I.M. created laser. Badilino fired the laser into the fray, searing the flesh from the skeleton of Suicide and ending the brawl. The Mysterious Caretaker and Ghost Rider took the skeleton of the fallen Suicide. Later Dan Ketch and Caretaker looked on as Suicide's body began to reform.

Suicide's current whereabouts are unknown at this time.




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