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The mysterious Death Ninja desired to die but was cursed by the soulless man, known as Centurious, with everlasting life. The only way to break the curse was to die by the hands of the Spirit of Vengeance known as the Ghost Rider. The soulless man wanted the soul of the Ghost Rider to replace his own soul. While on a mission for the crime lord Deathwatch, the Death Ninja was slain by the Ghost Rider and left for dead at the feet of the Lilin, Blackout. Death Ninja would later resurface in a zombie like form, in the Cypress Hill Cemetery, where he murdered a would-be-killer releasing him from his pain, and suffering.

Death Ninja would again resurface when Zadkiel called for servants to aid him in eliminating his enemies on Earth. Once on opposite sides, Daniel Ketch would call Death Ninja an ally in the hunt for Caretaker. Blackout, Orb and Doghead rounded out the group, but none would find Caretaker an easy target. After Doghead was killed and Orb injured, Death Ninja fought alone. He stabbed Caretaker with his sword, but the stubborn old man just wouldn't go down. Instead, he used his Hellfire shotgun to blast Death Ninja in the chest and gave him the gift of eternal rest.









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