Commander Tiborgh was a member of the Pheragots race, which were known as the strongest race in the Andromeda galaxy. Tiborgh's exploits and adventures before his arrival into the Tun system are unknown. His intentions were to exact revenge on the entire Axi-Tun race for the actions of their leader Lord Votan. Votan had his agents spread a plague throughout the galaxy killing the M'Ndavians, who were renowned for their complex legal systems, and their membership in The Charter. The agents made sure that the Pheragots looked responsible for their atrocity. The commander and his crew aboard the massive Star-cruiser armed with thousands of regenerative warheads launched a vicious assault upon the planet of Tun. The initial strike of the warheads transformed the surface of the planet killing millions of its inhabitants, although every attempt to harm the planet after that was foiled by the Star Masters and an unnamed Axi-Tun mercenary.








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