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The mystery man known only as the Torpedo was a contract killer from Los Angeles, California hired by Crime-Wave to exterminate blind ex-cop Willie Lincoln. Lincoln accidentally stumbled into Crime-Wave’s hideout underneath the city and escaped by pretending to be a common beggar. Lincoln reported his findings to District Attorney Nelson, who then placed Lincoln into protective custody. Matthew Murdock convinced Nelson to stash Lincoln on the top floor of a flea-ridden hotel as a safeguard against an assassination attempt. Torpedo shot Lincoln’s room full of knockout gas, but Daredevil crashed through the window and saved Lincoln from certain death. Torpedo began shooting rapidly, but Daredevil eluded his gunfire by flipping out of the window and fleeing to the rooftop. Torpedo quickly ran to the rooftop and used the razor-sharp brim of his hat to cut the cable of Daredevil’s nightstick causing the hero to cling to the ledge of the rooftop as he stomped on Daredevil’s fingers, trying to cause the hero to plunge to his death. Lincoln following the voice of the braggadocios Torpedo, lunged himself into the criminal causing both of them to fall from the rooftop. Daredevil grabbed Lincoln’s arm preventing him from falling to his death like Torpedo.









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