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The past, present, and future have nothing on these characters who have rewritten the rules of time!_card image


The Top 10 Time-Travelers in the Marvel Universe

The past, present, and future have nothing on these characters who have rewritten the rules of time!

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Black Panther vs Iron Man


Black Panther vs. Iron Man

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As a young boy his whole family was killed and he got away.Every sence that day he told his self that he would find the people that killed his family.He went from foster home to foster home untill he was finaly adopded at the age of 15.When he was with them he learned that his adopded father had a gun collection.His adopded father loved the desert eagle the most he also loved to box.Thats why he does.His adopded father used to showed him how to use both his fists and guns.When he was 17 his dad let him get his first gun and he tought his self how to use it to the best of his ability.Then at the age of 21 he got a licence for a gun.This when his story realy begins.He had lots of guns by the time he was 22.He learned all kids of tricks.One day change his life forever.He was walking and he saw a family robbed at a store and that reminded him of what happend to him.So he went to help them and spider-man was there to try to help save them buthe had all ready did.Spider-man liked lhe way he did it and asked him to join him and the Avengers.He accepted the offer.He then explored the world with the Avengers he got into fights with venom,bullseye,the jester,and helped the x-men fight the Brotherhood of evil mutants..Then he left the Avengers.Because he did not want to in the civil war.The Avengers tried to recute him but e turned it down.Tes Secret Avengers also tried the same he turned them down to.But he got cought in the first big fight of the civil war.After that he went away.He then found the killer of his parents.He was a vampire he was Deacon Frost the same vampire who killed Blades mother.They fought with Frost nearly killing him he managed to get away.As he was in the hospitle he had visits from some friends like spider-man,Captain America,Hercules,Black Panther,and his wife Storm.After he was out of the hospitle trained his self to fight better and learned more about Vampires.He went of to find him and found out that Blade hand allready got the job done.He was mad thea he could not do it him self but he was also happythat he was dead.He the became friends with Blade.Later on in his life he made a group of his own.They called them selves Evolution.All the new heros was apart of Evolution it is a secret thing.He fell in lone with one of his teammates her name was Scarlet (Rachel Sanders).She also like him so they got togeter then got married.They had two kids.They had a boy and a girl.The kids was both human and superhuman.The son is The Defender (Matt Hawt J.R.) and their doughter is stardust (Linda Hawk).After a while Evolution split up.Two-Gun Kid lter met up with some old friends.Then a couple days later Two-Gun Kid,and the Punisher got into a fight with The Jester,and Bullseye.After that they found out thea the super villains was planning some thing big.They were are going to try to take over the world and they have to get help to try to stop them.









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