Published December 10, 2020

Look Inside the Classic Comics Explored on 'Marvel's Declassified'

Read these mighty mags as you listen to the first episode, available exclusively on SiriusXM!

Available exclusively on SiriusXMMarvel’s Declassified is a nonfiction narrative podcast that focuses on the rich, dynamic, and evolving history of Marvel Comics as told through a contemporary lens! 

The first episode of the positively unputdownable pod launched on Tuesday, presenting a look at Marvel's "Origins"! Because today, we associate Marvel almost exclusively with Super Heroes and Super Villains...but there was a time when Marvel Comics came in a wide range of genres: comedy, romance, westerns, sci-fi, and horror.

In the premiere episode, your hosts Lorraine Cink and Evan Narcisse take a deep look into the way heroes like Captain America helped forge a new medium—until they were run out of their own comics by deep societal changes that eventually triggered the return of heroes, an eruption of talent...and the birth of the Marvel Age!

'Marvel's Declassified'

The episode features reenactments of iconic and critical moments in Marvel history, bringing them to life in voiceover with glorious mid-20th century pomp. From the inception of the mighty Marvel moniker with MARVEL COMICS (1939) #1, to syrupy stories found inside LOVE ROMANCES (1949), all the way to the bombastic birth of both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

Here's the complete list of each comic—in order of presentation—that Evan and Lorraine flashed back to in Marvel's Declassified episode one!

MARVEL TALES (1939) #95
LOVE ROMANCES (1949) #103
PATSY WALKER (1945) #96
TWO GUN KID (1948) #1
LOVE ROMANCES (1949) #89
2-GUN WESTERN (1955) #4
AVENGERS (1963) #4

Dive into Marvel Unlimited to explore these mags in full! But for a taste of the pages and panels that inspired this particular podcast plot, hit play and flip through the floppies in the gallery below!



DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #1 Marvel & Coca-Cola Variant Cover by Paco Medina


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SCARLET WITCH (2024) #1 cover by Russell Dauterman


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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #1 Avengers Jacket Variant Cover by Cory Smith


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X-MEN: THE WEDDING SPECIAL #1 cover by Jan Bazaldua


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