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When Dee Milo was a teenager, her mutant powers manifested, transforming her into a being of energy and seemingly killing her entire family in the resultant explosion. She was found by Professor Charles Xavier, mutant mentor and researcher, and Xavier designed a special containment suit that helped her regain some level of humanity. Dee Milo suffered from tremendous guilt over her family's fate. She had tried to kill herself four times, been in therapy for eight years, and often resorted to sedation to stave off nightmares.

While remaining unsure of what to do with her abilities, Dee Milo was approached by the mutant agent Solomon O'Sullivan who wooed her with ideas of fame and fortune. She signed a contract with him as costumed hero Venus Dee Milo. O'Sullivan eventually helped create the team O-Force, a counterpart to the premiere pop culture mutant team X-Statix. About the same time, X-Statix' member U-Go Girl died in action, throwing the team into disarray. The Orphan, her lover, was thrown into a depression. He was forced to elect a replacement for her, and he agreed with the team to elect Venus Dee Milo, despite his initial reluctance due to her similarities to U-Go Girl.

However, Solomon O'Sullivan demanded that Venus Dee Milo should become a member of his O-Force, and the legal battles forced Dee Milo on the sidelines when O-Force attempted to stop the misguided mutant Arnie Lunt. The Orphan was determined to aid O-Force in their doomed mission, and he confronted the villain alone. Dee Milo was instrumental in reorganizing X-Statix to help the Orphan, freeing Lunt's town from his tyranny and saving O-Force, which was destroyed. X-Statix' owner Tike Freeman used the opportunity to force Dee Milo's agents to absolve her from association with O-Force.

Dee Milo continued to work with Professor Xavier, learning how to control her powers. She was often distraught over the fate of her parents, and she hoped that they had not perished in the explosion of her powers but were rather transported to and trapped in another dimension. Despite her many travels and the guidance of Professor Xavier, her family remained lost.

Dee Milo soon developed a romantic relationship with the Orphan. At one point, the Orphan quit the team and a criminal calling himself Bad Guy began terrorizing America. Believing Bad Guy to be the Orphan, unhinged, X-Statix publicly denounced Bad Guy and devoted their activities to defeating the villain. In fact, Bad Guy was a creature from a pocket dimension visited by Venus Dee Milo, taking the form of Dee Milo's fears. The Orphan reappeared to help X-Statix defeat Bad Guy, and he rejoined the team and his relationship with Dee Milo.

Professor Xavier later developed a containment suit that mimicked the human form enough for her to consummate her relationship with the Orphan. Feeling more complete than ever before, Dee Milo's euphoria allowed her to travel to a dimension where she discovered her family and had a happy reunion.

When X-Statix was forced to accept the pop sensation Henrietta Hunter into their ranks, Dee Milo was among those who were incensed with the situation. She was especially upset with the public pressure to make Henrietta the team’s leader. Henrietta’s European enemies decided to launch their next attack against X-Statix as a whole: leaking information that detailed how Spike Freeman and U-Go Girl sold weapons of mass destruction to Saddam Hussein. X-Statix's public image was destroyed. The only way to repair their image was to take down Mister Code, and Dee Milo helped in defeating the villain.

Although X-Statix remained in the public eye for several months, things were never the same, especially since their prime source of financial backing, Spike Freeman, was dead. During the night of their farewell party, X-Statix agreed to take on one more mission, as it promised to be high-paying and low-risk. When the mission turned sour, the ranks of X-Statix were decimated. Dee Milo was presumably killed when she teleported an entire regiment of helicopters away, dispersing their molecules.








None (the hair on her protective costume is black)

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