Visalia is an inhabitant of the planet K'ai within the microscopic universe of Sub-Atomica. Shortly after the defeat of the mad Titan, Thanos and the Microverse villain known as the Baron, in their attempt to destroy all the sub-atomic realities, there was a massive release of energy that resulted in merging all the micro realms into one reality. The sorceress Visalia saw this tragedy as an opportunity to improve her status by masquerading as the sister of the legendary of K'ai. After learning that a large green-skinned outsider had fallen from the sky, Visalia dispatched her soldiers to retrieve the outsider believing it to be the Hulk. However, to her dismay the fallen being was Drax the Destroyer in his lower mental state. Visalia used her sorcery to raise his mental capacity and placed him under a love spell, although her spells had no lasting effect on the Destroyer. Captain Marvel and the Microverse freedom fighters of Arcturus Rann, Marionette and Bug who were searching for their lost teammate Dexam, revealed Visalia as a fake unto the people of K'ai who physically beat her before she was taken into custody.









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