Published October 12, 2022

Nova and Viv Vision Team Up for Intergalactic Battle

Read the first part of ‘Marvel’s Voices: Nova Infinity Comic’ on the Marvel Unlimited app!

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New on the Marvel Unlimited app: A casual cruise through space takes a wild turn in MARVEL’S VOICES: NOVA INFINITY COMIC #20! Nova: Sam Alexander and Viv Vision investigate a stalled out space craft—only to get dragged into an intergalactic battle of identity, choice, and integrity!

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Marvel's Voices Nova

As announced during New York Comic-Con 2022, the MARVEL’S VOICES lineup from Marvel’s Infinity Comics will debut an all-new six-part story arc from creators Terry Blas, Bruno Oliveira, and Cris Peters, with new chapters of Nova’s story available on the app each Wednesday. And whether they’re defending new friends or old ones—Nova and Viv aren’t about to give up without a fight!

Get your first look here, then read the first chapter of MARVEL’S VOICES: NOVA INFINITY COMIC on the app today.

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