Vin Vision

Vin Vision

Vin Vision is a synthezoid like his father and creator, the Avenger Vision, and learns how to live like in a world that’s resistant to accept him.


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Vin Vision is a synthezoid teenager who likes Shakespeare, playing sports, and listening to music. Possessing the powers of his father, Vin does not always know when it’s appropriate to use his abilities, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

Made By Vision

Vin is a synthezoid, and twin to Viv, created by his father Victor Shade, AKA Vision, one of the world’s most powerful and sophisticated androids. Using the brain patterns of Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, for their mother, Virginia’s mind, Vision creates his children from a combination of both his and her minds. 

When the Visions move to Arlington, Virginia after Vision receives a promotion as the Avengers’ presidential liaison, the whole family becomes celebrities. Vin attends school but is far from a normal kid, despite the desire to be one. While Vision was out of the house one day, the Super Villain Eric Williams, AKA Grim Reaper, brutally attacks Vin, his twin Viv, and their mother. The only way they survive is through their mother’s actions which have long-lasting consequences. She kills the Reaper in front of Vin, and asks both her children to lie to their father about it.

Artificial Intelligence With Super Powers

Like his father and his entire family, Vin is a synthezoid, so his body is an artificial emulation of the human form, blending mostly concealed mechanical components with plastics and other synthetic materials designed to simulate the appearance and function of organic matter. His synthetic bones and tissues are far stronger and more durable than their human counterparts.

He has all the superhuman powers of his father, including density manipulation, superhuman strength, intangibility, and flight. 

Vin possesses a computer brain that allows her to connect to other computer systems and extract data; therefore, he has built-in super-speed WiFi and multiprocessors.

Like his twin sister, the jewel within his forehead can absorb solar radiation and convert it into energy.

Mortal Enemies

When Grim Reaper attacks Vin’s family while Vision is not at home, Vin tries to help his sister who the Reaper had impaled. Though the Reaper cut up Vin’s arms with his scythe, though Vin’s mother came to his rescue and prevented the Reaper from slaying her son.

Familial Connections

Vin is closest to his twin sister and allies with his family, the Visions. Unfortunately, he does not live long enough to make more allies than that.
Vin’s Sad Story

After the attack, Vin attended Alexander Hamilton High School and was treated differently from the start. While sitting alone at lunch in the school’s cafeteria, despite not needing to eat, fellow student Chris Kinzky asked him where his sister was, but Vin distracted did not hear him. After Chris asked a second time, Vin responded that she was ill, though she was really undergoing major surgery from the Reaper’s attack. Chris acted impatient with Vin and called him names, and out of anger, Vin choked Chris to the point of nearly cutting off his circulation. The principal suspended Vin from school and after his sister returned, fully repaired from the Reaper’s attack, they played football. Though, Vin toyed with Viv, phasing his foot each time he would go to kick the ball. Vision soon joined in and they played for a time. 

When Vin’s father was taken away for questioning by the police department regarding his whereabouts during the attack on the Vision’s home, Vin and his sister Viv listened to their mother explain to them how everything is normal, but she began repeating words and violently hit the table claiming everything was normal.

To add normalcy to their lives, Vision made a puppy named Sparky for Vin and Viv. Vin later plays basketball with his uncle Victor Mancha, Visions “brother” of sorts, and he informed him that he had a passion for Shakespeare. Victor encouraged him to become a Super Hero like him and Vision. Though Vin later came upon Victor talking to the Avengers in secret about how the family trusts him. Victor realized Vin was in the room and had overheard. While Vin questioned him, confused at why he was talking to the Avengers about their family, Victor electrocuted him. Sparky attacked Victor but it wasn’t enough to stop Victor from electrocuting Vin further and killing him. Before Vin died, he fired a laser beam which caught Vin’s parents’ attention who came upon their dead son. 



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