Wayfinder (Dal Damoc)

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The origin and history of Dal Damoc remain a mystery. He is a member of the Inhumans, who has reported to Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four that it is his mission to usher in a New Age of Inhumans, by uniting their universal tribes from across the galaxy, within the Blue Area of The Moon that is inhabited by the Watcher, Uatu.

Damoc enlightened Richards and his crew that the Kree's experiment went further than their current understanding, the Supreme Intelligence experimented on the various species throughout the galaxy, and he was successful with five; the Centaurians, who are led by their Matriarch Oola Udonta, the ruling Moord Council who are presided over by the Badoon Queen, Aladi Ko Eke, the Kymellians, which are led by Onomi Whitemane First Chair of the Kymellian Whiteroom, and the Dire Wraiths ruled by their Goddess Avoe. Each female ruler was to be the Queen of King Black Bolt.

Wayfinder went on to inform Richards that this New Age of Inhumans intended to make Earth their new home, when Black Bolt returned to them, which he prophesied to be soon.









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