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Perpetually messy and girl crazy Jack Hammer, who claims that his entire family is in jail, was a genius student who attended Empire State University, but lost his way through unrevealed circumstances, eventually becoming a wayward information broker and arms dealer named "Weasel," who killed a man at some point in unrevealed circumstances. He eventually met mercenary Deadpool (Wade Wilson), the pair became friends, working together for time-traveling arms merchant, Tolliver (Tyler Dayspring), and sharing an unrevealed significant experience at Niagara Falls. While plying his trade in war-torn Sarajevo, Weasel help Deadpool in his hunt for Tolliver's will, rescuing him from the Executive Elite before learning the location of Tolliver's vault in Nepal, where the cyborg Slayback sought revenge on Deadpool for past transgressions; Weasel activated the weapons-neutralizing Zero android, which ended the conflict. As weapon supplier for Deadpool, Weasel often assisted him in his assignments from the Hellhouse, but was eventually offered a full-time contract by the Taskmaster. Deadpool and Taskmaster fought for Weasel's services, Deadpool's unpredictability allowed him to win the bout, and he celebrated his victory by giving Weasel a wedgie. Weasel later won Deuce "the Devil-Dog" from "Foggy" Nelson in a poker game, and he soon began visiting Deadpool's housemate/prisoner Blind Al without Deadpool's knowledge. During a confrontation with the Great Lakes Avengers, Deadpool's teleportation belt interacted with Doorman (DeMarr Davis)'s teleportation ability, sending Al and Deadpool through time, diverging Reality-9712, where Deadpool (disguised as Peter Parker) had that reality's Weasel repair his teleportation belt, while Weasel worked with Flatman (Val Ventura) and Doorman in the present to eventually recover them. When Deadpool became aware of Weasel's visits with Al, he became irate with Weasel, and locked him in a torture room. After his escape Weasel went into hiding, and returned to freelance work. While in seclusion he began developing his own personal teleportation device.




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