Ambient-Energy Dampening Actualization Module (ADAM) Unit ZeroZero

Originally a peacekeeping android, Zero becomes a slave to the whims of the malevolent Stryfe, acting as his bodyguard and teleporter across time and space.


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Created in the far future by the Askani as a peacekeeping weapon, the programmable android Ambient-Energy Dampening Actualization Module (ADAM Unit Zero), AKA Zero, becomes a servant to the mutant tyrant known as Stryfe. With his many energy manipulating abilities, he acts as Stryfe’s bodyguard and teleporter.


Created to Serve

In Earth-4935’s 38th century, Zero is En Sabah Nur, AKA Apocalypse’s prototype android series, one of 13 ADAM units meant to destroy all threats to Earth. After Apocalypse’s apparent death, the High Lord’s heir, Stryfe—the clone of Nathan Summers, AKA Cable—and his caretaker Ch’vayre locate the ADAM production facility in what was once New Orleans. They activate Zero and program him to resurrect Apocalypse. The teenage Stryfe tasks Zero with reanimating dead soldiers first, but Zero guides Stryfe to locate the Askani’s Tanya Trask, AKA Madame Sanctity, to improve his mutant abilities. Puzzled, Zero watches Stryfe kill Ch’vayre for having negative thoughts about him. Stryfe becomes Sanctity’s pupil, and the Askani believe Zero could herald an era of enlightenment.

Under unrevealed circumstances, Zero becomes separated from Stryfe for years, during which time Stryfe amasses power while Cable gains followers, including ADAM Unit-11. Stryfe later reclaims and reprograms Zero, rendering him mute to avoid perceived sarcasm.


Energy Manipulation

Zero can fly and create portals through space and time, using temporal monitors to pinpoint specific eras, locations, and timelines. This energy manipulation allows him to keep peace by nullifying all technological and biological weapons. He automatically records all nearby energy signals and can control, contain, redirect, or neutralize any energy signature in his database or create fields to detain even noncorporeal beings. He can create an EMP-like charge to deactivate nearby technology or destroy weapons from a distance with projected energy.

He can store vast amounts of data, remotely reprogram other computer systems, create holograms, perform multiple levels of diagnostics for self-repair and send beacons to other techno-organic sentient beings.

Zero is constructed of durable artificial metals, although repeated attacks by weapons from his own era will eventually injure him. When inert, the “zero” symbol disappears, reappearing when Zero absorbs energy. While under Stryfe’s control, Zero is programmed not to talk and has an autonomous destructive device installed that can only be removed by an outside force.


Programmed and Chosen Connections

Zero closest ally is his master Stryfe, who programs Zero to be his bodyguard and his mode of transport through space and time. Stryfe leaves him mute though on account of Zero’s sarcasm and to keep him obedient. Zero is Stryfe’s most trusted ally, and he fights alongside the tyrant and his Mutant Liberation Front through many battles.

Though, Zero eventually separates from Stryfe and returns to his original programming, that of a peacekeeping nature, thanks to an intervention by mercenary Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, and his team. Zero later allies with Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix, to help free Cyclops’ son Cable from Stryfe’s psychic ghost.

He also helps the Technarch known as Douglock, AKA Warlock, with obtaining sentience and moving beyond the Phalanx. The pair teams up against the killer androids that hunt Zero on Stryfe’s behalf, and the British Super Hero team Excalibur assists them. Though Zero doesn’t survive Stryfe’s attempts to kill him, before perishing, he transfers all his data and memories to Warlock.


The Path to Sentience

Stryfe and Zero traveled back in time to modern day Earth-616, as did Cable. Over the next seven years, Stryfe organized the Mutant Liberation Front, for which Zero served as primary transport. Stryfe also had Zero deliver the Legacy virus to Nathaniel Essex, AKA Mister Sinister, under false pretenses.

During his time as a member of the Front, Zero teleported Stryfe on a mission of arson, assisted them in the liberation of Rusty Collins and Sally Blevins, AKA Skids, from federal custody. He used his abilities to whisk the Front away from X-Force and possible capture. Zero also helped the Nasty Boys escape capture.

Soon after Stryfe seemingly died battling Cable, Zero was deactivated and found by agents of Tolliver, Cable’s son Tyler Dayspring, AKA Genesis. Tolliver faked his death and left a will offering the most powerful weapon–apparently Zero–to the mercenary that found it. Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, Garrison Kane, Vanessa Carlysle, AKA Copycat, Terraerton, AKA Slayback, and Jack Hammer, AKA Weasel, found Zero in a Nepalese monastery, and Weasel reactivated Zero with his original programming. Zero destroyed Slayback and hesitated before killing Deadpool, who convinced Zero some “weapons” could be beneficial. Zero left to investigate the methods and motives of Tyler (exposed as Tolliver’s true identity), who revealed the presence of Sister Askani, having also traveled from Earth-4935. Zero captured Askani for Tyler, but witnessing Tyler torture her, Zero asked Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, and Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix, to confront Cyclops’ son Cable (possessed by Stryfe) and grandson Tyler. After watching the family defeat Stryfe’s psychic ghost, Zero departed.

Attacked by droids programmed to destroy Stryfe’s data, Zero took refuge in Maine and summoned Technarch called Douglock, and eventually known as Warlock; they were joined by a civilian family and the British team Excalibur. Zero transported everyone to Stryfe’s base beneath the Pentagon to save them from droids, but accidentally activated the base’s self-destruct mechanism and unlocked Legacy virus information in his memory. Excalibur member Kate Pryde removed the destruct mechanism from Zero’s body, and Zero forced Douglock to absorb his knowledge before saving Washington D.C. from the exploding base.

Zero’s damaged and memory-wiped body ended up in the Arkansas laboratory of geneticist Edwin Martynec, one of Stryfe’s followers. After Martynec was defeated by Siryn and James Proudstar, AKA Warpath, the scientist and nonfunctioning android were placed in Emma Frost’s custody.




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