A.D.A.M. Unit (Ambient-Energy Dampening Actualization Module) Unit ZeroZero



Zero was created in the far future by the Askani as a peacekeeping weapon. At some point in that future he was damaged in battle and later recovered and repaired by the mutant tyrant known as Stryfe. During the repair process Stryfe decided to leave Zero mute, believing that it would make the Zero Unit obedient to his will. Becoming Strfye most trusted ally Zero fought in many battles, although when Strfye's forces met defeat they fled together into the past to the 20th century. Here Strfye assembled a group powerful group of mutants known as the Mutant Liberation Front most commonly referred to as the MLF.

During his time as a member of the Front, Zero teleported Stryfe on a mission of arson, assisted them in the liberation of Rusty Collins and Skids from federal custody. He used his abilities to whisk the front away from X-Force and possible capture. Zero also help the Nasty Boys escape capture.

Zero later emerged on the scene as as the prize sought after by Deadpool and the other mercenaries of the Arms Dealer known as Toliver. In an attempt to save the life of Copycat from former Department K, agent known as Slayback, Zero was accidentally activated and he quickly acted on his programming, which led to the death of the hostile Slayback. However, Deadpool was given a reprieve due to his using his healing factor to save the life of the injured Copycat.




200 lbs.





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