Shola Inkosi

Shola Inkosi (also translated "Inkose")Shola Inkosi



As a youth, Shola Inkosi was smuggled out of the island nation of Genosha to avoid his homeland's mutant-enslaving policies. Years later, when Magneto ruled Genosha, were repatriated but, after undergoing special training by his parents in the use of his telekinesis, he returned to the U.S. as an exchange student at the University of Chicago. When robot Sentinels modified by the insane Cassandra Nova attacked Genosha, Shola was inadvertently drawn into telepathic rapport with his parents. Although visions of his eradicated homeland haunted him, Shola continued to pursue his studies, and when the anti-mutant extremists of Purity sabotaged one of the university's astrophysics experiments, he telekinetically protected the students, including Shadowcat of the X-Men, from falling debris. Having exposed himself as a mutant, he became the target of Purity terrorist, who vandalized his apartment and remained there to attack Shadowcat and fellow mutant Karma when they investigated his residence. Shola telekinetically disassembled the attackers' weapons and almost slew them before being dissuaded by Shadowcat, whom he befriended, along with Karma and ex-Purity member Tom More. When more of Nova's mutated Sentinels arrived in Chicago prepared to slay mutants and humans alike, Shola and his friends destroyed the robots, saving countless lives.

Shola was captured by a handful of Genoshas' earlier administration of Magistrates, high-tech soldiers formerly charged with oppressing Genoshan mutants; he and another captive cyborg Karima Shapandar, were held in stasis on the Magistrates' plane en route to attack Genosha, where Professor X had joined Magneto in efforts to rebuild the nation. However, three young Genoshan survivors; teleporter Hub, telepath Hack, and super-strong Purge teleported aboard the plane and inadvertently caused it to crash, freeing Shola. Karima was freed shortly thereafter, and after helping defeat the Magistrates, both of them became part of Professor X's inner circle nicknamed "Excalibur," alongside former Morlock Callisto, the shape-changing Freakshow, the spirit-communicating Wicked and a handful of others. The informal team protected Genosha from threats such as Stripmine and Sugar Man, and when the mercenary Weaponeers attacked Zanibar, Shola accompanied Callisto and Karima to the neighboring nation, where they joined forces with X-Men Archangel and Husk, as well as local hero Askari, in defeating the invaders. Shola and his fellow Genoshans were honored for their efforts, making a turning point in their nation's reconstruction and recognition by the world.

In the wake of "House of M|M-Day," Shola was among the world's mutants who lost their powers. His powers were subsequently restored and significantly enhanced by the Inhumans' Terrigen Mists, stolen by Quicksilver.




199 lbs.




Black (currently shaved bald)

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