Bellona is the daughter of Hera and Zeus, she was often referred to as Eris or Discord, Goddess of strife and discord by the ancient Romans. Bellona was the usual accomplice of her brother Ares in his schemes to sow dissension among the Olympians. These schemes usually led to violent confrontations, including the Trojan War. At some point Bellona and Ares became husband and wife.

Bellona eventually settled for an event-less existence on Mount Olympus for an undetermined length of time, before she began to train a champion Centaurion to battle on her behalf. Seeking a challenge worthy of her attention she, she sought out the prophetess Sibylla, who told her that she would find the challenge she sought by battling Kyllian, host of the power of a trio of Celtic Gods. Believing that this accomplishment would put her on par with Ares, who had recently met several defeats at the hands of the Asgardian, Thor, Bellona sent her champion to Earth to kill Kyllian. Her plan was foiled when Kyllian evoked the powers of the Celtic gods proving to be too powerful for the Centaurion. Upon arriving on Earth Bellona found her champion defeated, and began to see the error of her plan was to pit a demi-god against one who wields the powers of the gods. Bellona later set aside her scheme to kill Kyllian, believing the he would prove to be more beneficial as a pawn.

Bellona was recently seen using the name Eris, as she fought alongside Hera and her legion of Olympians against the Avengers, at the Olympus Group Towers. As Eris, she soared through the sky on large bird-like wings as she battled the mortal known as the USAgent. Eris used her powers to sow doubt and disbelief into his mind, allowing her to easily take the upper hand in their battle. As Eris prepared to deliver the deciding blow, her sword and the agents' shield vanished into the Continuum, which was matter being transformed into a New Earth. The USAgent was rescued from the battle by his teammate Wasp (Henry Pym). Eris current whereabouts are unknown.




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