Yusuf Khan is a serious and strong-willed man who takes his children’s choices to heart. He often supports his family in whatever they may need, despite having a firm hand when it comes to curfews and commitment to their Muslim faith.


A Father First

From Pakistan, the Muslim Pakistani Yusuf Khan immigrates to the United States with his wife Muneeba and son Aamir. Yusuf and his family settle in Jersey City, New Jersey, and eventually, he and Muneeba have a daughter, Kamala who grows up to become the Super Hero Ms. Marvel. While raising his children with Muneeba in the Muslim faith, he works as a banker to support his family.


Fatherly Advice

Yusuf is a strong man, and it’s his strength that helps him get through tough times—a strength that he passes on to his daughter Kamala. He also often supports his children through his sage advice.


Familial Bond

Yusuf is a family man, through and through. He is proud of both his children and is particularly protective of his youngest, Kamala. He constantly pushes her to accept and embrace her heritage, but wishes the best for her. For a long time, Yusuf remains unaware of his daughter’s alter-ego Ms. Marvel and the enemies she faces. When he finds out, he is shocked, demanding she stop, but soon he learns she is a hero and to trust her.


A Father’s Duty

One night, Yusuf heard his wife yelling and went to see who was causing the ruckus. He discovered his wife upset with their daughter Kamala. He encouraged his wife to get some sleep and sat down to chat with Kamala. He noticed she was dressed strangely and asked her about it. She told him she had to go out to help a friend in trouble and he expressed that her disguise made him nervous and continued to share his concern for his only daughter. He reminded her about how special her name was and that after they had their first-born son Aamir, they thought they couldn’t have children, then five years later, their miracle baby came along, Kamala. He told her he thought she was the most perfect thing he had ever seen, and that’s what “Kamal” means in Arabic, “perfection.” He encouraged her that she didn’t need to be anyone but herself to impress others, that she was perfect the way she was. He wanted her to be safe and told her that he and her mom wanted her to tell them when she was in trouble. After their tender moment, Yusuf grounded Kamala and wanted her to spend more time at the mosque .While his daughter was out helping her friends, his son faced unemployment. Yusuf, like his wife, wanted him to get to working on finding a job.

Yusuf’s wife Muneeba eventually realized their daughter was Ms. Marvel and told her husband. Yusuf and Muneeba had a talk with Kamala and Yusuf scolded her and insisted it was his job to protect her. He put his foot down and told her that her life parading around in costume and trying to get herself killed was over. As Kamala yelled at her mother for telling him her secret, Muneeba defended herself but Yusuf stepped in and pulled the ‘our house, our rules’ card. Kamala stormed outside and when Yusuf and Muneeba joined her, she stormed off again . 

Yusuf and his wife were soon captured by three peculiar mages from outer space. They’re held until Ms. Marvel liberates them. Once they all found out that their kidnappers believed Kamala to be the “Destined One,” who would save their planet, Yusuf’s wife insisted that they go to the mages’ planet Saffa with Kamala to help them. Both Yusuf and Kamala were shocked by her statement but had no time to argue as the mages whisked them away to Saffa. While there, Yusuf and his wife tried to tell Kamala what to do but she yelled at them to trust her. Despite being shocked again, Yusuf followed Ms. Marvel’s lead. Kamala later donned a special Kree Soldier’s nanotech suit and drove away the planet’s attackers.

Upon returning to Earth, Yusuf shared with Kamala that he was diagnosed with an incurable disease, one that stemmed from his latent Inhuman DNA, which he unknowingly passed along to his daughter. With help from Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, he underwent surgery and survives, but has to walk with a cane. After his brush with death, he realized he should extend his normally strict curfew for Kamala by half an hour. When his daughter worked alongside the Champions, a team of teenaged Super Heroes, Kamala ended up in the hospital. There, Yusuf relived his time there and admitted to his wife he had nightmares about coming back. He remained worried about his daughter. She comes out of it thanks to her healing factor. Later, Yusuf started physical therapy to learn how to walk without a cane.