House of X | Powers of X

Jonathan Hickman teams up with Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva to bring you the next big X-event!

House of X | Powers of X

This July, Marvel’s HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X will mark the next major milestone in X-Men history. Since their introduction by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby over 50 years ago, fans around the world have followed the extraordinary stories of the X-Men through seminal moments like GIANT-SIZE X-MEN, 1991’s X-MEN #1, AGE OF APOCALYPSE, and NEW X-MEN. Each of these moments introduced a new era for mutantkind—and starting this summer, the world will experience the next seminal moment in the history of the X-Men.

History of the X-Men

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X-Men History

As the next seminal moment in X-Men history begins with House of X and Powers of X, available in July, we’re taking a look at the comic books that helped forge the legacy of Marvel’s merry mutants. Watch as some of Marvel’s top comic creators look back and share their memories of the most influential moments that redefined and reignited the X-Men, leading to bold new directions that drew in generations of fans around the world.

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