Javier Garrón

Javier Garrón

Exclusive interview with the artist behind Doctor Strange: Damnation and more!
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Creator Profile

Creator Profile


Hometown: El Puerto de Santa María
(Saint Mary's Port), Spain

Books Worked On: Ant-Man and the Wasp,
Miles Morales: Spider-Man

When did you realize you wanted to be an artist at Marvel?

JAVIER GARRÓN: As soon as I read my first Marvel comic! I started, though, with Duck Tales comics – I devoured those! I never had enough. As a reader you experience the wonder of getting lost within a story. But when you start drawing, then another kind of enchantment kicks in: the magic of creating those worlds. So as soon as I could grab a pencil I started drawing Donalds and Scrooges, but when I got my hands on my first Marvel comic something changed. Those people were recognizable and relatable. You could channel your energy through them, and the thrill of drawing grew exponentially. Once you taste it, there’s no going back.

What was your first Marvel comic?

JAVIER GARRÓN: The first one was…I feel old now…a Spanish edition that had both a Fantastic Four and Spider-Man story. The FF faced… the Puppet Master! That smile on his face was so scary! And the poor Thing and Alicia Masters! I think I didn’t quite understand back then everything that was going on, but I was mesmerized by the imagery. And Spider-Man battled…Sandman! It was wild and crazy and I couldn’t take my eyes away! I got lost between all those panels, and luckily I’m still wandering there.

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