Marvel's Declassified


Marvel’s secrets revealed by those who were there!

A nonfiction narrative podcast focusing on the rich, dynamic, and unknown history of Marvel Comics as told through a contemporary lens. 

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George R.R. Martin on the History of Marvel Comics, Conventions, and Fandom

The legendary author joins the season finale of 'Marvel's Declassified' on SiriusXM!


How the Future Has Shaped Marvel—and How Marvel Has Shaped the Future

Adam Savage, Nnedi Okorafor, and Jordan Reeves examine the idea on 'Marvel's Declassified'!


Secrets of 'Spider-Verse' Revealed on 'Marvel's Declassified'

Dan Slott, Gerry Conway, and more present the inside story of the Multiverse, exclusively on SiriusXM!


'Marvel's Declassified': Kelly Sue DeConnick on Creating History with Captain Marvel

The legendary writer discusses Carol Danvers exclusively on SiriusXM!

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