Agents of Wakanda

Agents of Wakanda

Avengers support assemble! The Agents of Wakanda are a team of misfits and espionage veterans who are the first line of defense on Earth, in space, or other realities.




In a world without S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers need support! Coming together to tackle threats across realities, the Agents of Wakanda are that support team made up of superhuman agents, intelligence gatherers, and stealth operatives—people with a wide variety of skills who can operate in any situation imaginable.

Avengers (Support Staff) Assemble!

When global tensions skyrocket after Dark Celestials invade Earth, the Avengers are re-formed as the Mighty Avengers. King T’Challa of Wakanda, AKA Black Panther, becomes the new Chairman of the Avengers team. In need of support staff, he handpicks a new squad to help him out: the Agents of Wakanda. T’Challa kicks off his recruiting process with General Okoye by reaching out to former environmental S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Rosalind “Roz” Solomon who could use a new outlet for her background in spy work.

Okoye gives Roz a tour of Agents of Wakanda’s headquarters in Wakanda, introducing her to other new recruits and shows her the weapons room, replete with advanced weaponry, guns containing Vibranium bullets, and a vehicle that can teleport. Since the agents are support staff for the Avengers, Wakandan HQ is connected to theirs at Avengers Mountain, which is run out of a Dark Celestial’s corpse. Therefore, they can use the Celestial energy to teleport between the two locations and various spots around the globe. Okoye offers Roz to reside in either location, but with Roz’ past intimate relationship with Avenger Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, and her leftover trauma from her past in Broxton, Oklahoma when she killed countless Trolls, she opts for alternate lodgings.

Roz then goes on a covert mission to unearth intel about King Malekith’s War of the Realms. She travels across the globe, tracking down extradimensional energy matching any of the ten realms. She then comes upon strange methane readings emitting from an apartment in Queens and finds that it contains a magical interior, home to a terrorist cell of Malekith’s Dark Elves and Trolls along with their secret Black Bifrost—similar to the Asgardian Rainbow Bridge—which allows them to pass from here to their home world of Svartalfheim. She decides to handle it herself after a Frost Giant passes through the Bifrost, but ends up in trouble and calling another Thor ex-girlfriend and friend, Jane Foster, for some advice on how to defeat the behemoth. She suggests that Roz call Thor for an assist, Roz refuses, and uses her teleporting car to transport the remaining Troll, whom she shoots in the stomach, and impossible-to-kill giant to the hottest place on Earth. Thor arrives to help, but Roz’ plan worked, the Frost Giant melted and the Troll dead. She passes along her intel about the Bifrost and warns him that Malekith will bring his War of the Realms and armies to Earth. She then met up with Dario Agger, AKA Minotaur, in his human form. As C.E.O. of the Roxxon Energy Corporation, he sold out the Earth to Malekith, though he plays dumb about it with Roz nearly shooting him, but she decides not to waste a bullet.

The Agents of Wakanda’s next recruit is former S.H.E.I.L.D. agent and Agent of Atlas, the cursed man who is forever a gorilla until someone kills him, Kenneth Hale, AKA Gorilla-Man. Panther then asks Janet Van Dyne, AKA the Wasp, to join, relying on her experience as a capable leader and founding Avenger. She then recruits Eric Brooks, AKA Blade, for T’Challa, from Dracula’s forces who imprisoned him.

Meanwhile, while Okoye is leery about T’Challa’s choices for this new team, he appoints her as their Director. She picks up another recruit, the Lord of the Savage Land, Kevin Plunder, AKA Ka-Zar, who does not make her feel more confident in her king. T’Challa then offers an I.T. job to one of the smartest beings on Earth, the mutant alien Broo, formerly an X-student.

When Wasp picks up another recruit in Earth’s orbit, Dr. Michael Morbius, AKA Morbius, the Living Vampire—a vampire created through science to be precise—a brood of vampires attack their ship. This attack signals a potential civil war in Transylvania between the vampires as some want to dethrone Dracula. As Wasp departs the space ship to get rid of their attackers, astronaut and fellow Agent of Wakanda recruit John Jameson, AKA Man-Wolf, joins the fray and helps defeat them.

The next recruits that arrive to Avengers Mountain are the Navajo super-cop, Jason Strongbow, AKA American Eagle, whose priorities are to his reservation but he commits to being an agent a couple days a week. Then there’s mutant genius with x-ray eyes an hypodermic pistols, James Bradley, AKA Dr. Nemesis, who is up for it as long as he gets paid and can kill some Nazis, and last but not least, the master of Kung Fu and hedonism, Fat Cobra. Welcomed by Gorilla-Man, the team gets ready to embark on their first adventure together.


Covert Operatives

Asgard’s All-Father Odin Borson, AKA Odin, acts as the unofficial adviser to the Avengers Chairman, Black Panther. His insight into the history of Earth proves useful and while T’Challa reports to him, he isn’t necessarily patient with his tall tales. T’Challa then handpicks the Agents of Wakanda himself and also reports to the Avengers, considering his Chairman status. He makes recommendations to them for active roster additions to the team, such as Blade, human-vampire hybrid and hunter.

He appoints the leader of the Dora Milaje, General Okoye, as director of the agents, leaning on her skills as a tactician and Wakandan warrior. She also has final say on who makes the team’s roster. The team acts as a superhuman support crew to the Avengers and the agents must be capable of working alone, undetected in inhospitable locations across existence. Based out of Wakanda, the Avengers Mountain on the North Pole—out of a Dark Celestial’s frozen corpse—and the Agents of Wakanda Helicarrier, the agents make up an intelligence-gathering outfit of stealth operatives.

The Wasp secures assets in hostile territories, like Blade and Morbius the Living Vampire. Gorilla-Man brings his strength and dexterity to the fold as the new Chief of Security, while the highly intelligent mutant Broo is the head of I.T. at Avengers Mountain. The Lord of the Savage Land, Ka-Zar, acts as a super spy, typically without specialized equipment. Man-Wolf brings his background as a former Avengers support staffer and personal Quinjet pilot to Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, on top of his ability to survive in space. American Eagle uses his superhuman strength and speed to split his time between protecting the Navajo Nation and helping out the agents. The brilliant Dr. Nemesis brings his experience with the X-Men along with two demands, getting paid and the opportunity to kill Nazis. Fat Cobra is an Immortal Weapon, like Danny Rand, AKA Iron Fist, and one the world’s deadliest Kung Fu champions. He comes from defending the mystical city of Peng Lai, so he knows all about magical threats. Roz Solomon brings her many years at S.H.I.E.L.D. as a covert operative that gathers intelligence to the Agents of Wakanda.


Allies and Enemies Across Existence

As the support staff to the Avengers, they are inherently connected to them as well as their allies, the Asgardians. Led by King T’Challa, they are also tied to the royal family and the African nation of Wakanda at large.

The Agents of Wakanda partner with Russian Mutant, Major Mikhail Ursus, AKA Ursa Major, who transforms into a bear. As a member of Russia’s Winter Guard, he betrays them and acts as a double agent for the agents. Their ally ship with him helps them with the Vampire civil war.

Allying with the Lords and Ladies of Vaneheim, the agents fight tooth and nail to protect Antarctica against Malekith’s forces—in this case Roxxon’s shapeshifting CEO, Minotaur, and his super-soldiers. They also go up against the Dark Council, the Makluans, Robert Reynolds, AKA Sentry, and Livewires.

Team Timeline

With the Avengers struggling to keep the peace between aggressive factions—Russia’s Winter Guard, Namor’s Defenders of the Deep, Dracula’s vampiric hordes, and the U.S. government-sanctioned Squadron Supreme—the Agents of Wakanda use their connections and skills to gather intelligence as support staff. Gorilla-Man met with Ursa Major, in an inconspicuous location, the Wundagore Zoo in Transia, despite Ursa’s displeasure with such a stupid meeting locale. Gorilla-Man confirmed that Ursa sent Dracula to Chernobyl upon  Panther’s request and told him to continue playing his part as a big, surly drunk, though they were interrupted by Ka-Zar in a flying car conspicuously yelling that they needed to get back to base since their advanced cell service was down.

By the time they got back to Avengers Mountain, the populace of New York City had been evacuated there by Dr. Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, as the War of the Realms spilled onto Earth. As the Wasp led the evacuees to the bunkers, Panther asked Gorilla-Man if he could keep everyone secure. He responded with a resounding answer, that they’d be ready for anything. Though, he was acting a double agent himself, in league with the Legion of the Unliving, a servant of the Damned to undo the curse upon him. When the final battle for Midgard began, the Agents of Wakanda are dispatched to Antarctica to assist Blade against Roxxon Super-Soldiers. Broo joined as well but when Roxxon deployed their B.E.R.S.E.R.K.E.R. Squad, hulked-out super-soldiers, Gorilla-Man scooped Broo up and made haste away from them as Ka-Zar and Blade fought them off alongside the Vanir, the immortal Lords and Ladies of Vanaheim. Meanwhile, Roz teamed up with Jane Foster, AKA All-Mother of Asgard, and together they fought back Minotaur who tried to lay claim to Antarctica based on his deal with Malekith to own it.

After the end of the War of the Realms, with Earth victorious, the agents are called to a small town in Oklahoma that was under attack by a dark energy source. What they found was the Sentry merged with the Void. They stop him from destroying the town, but receive a startling report from Broo and Gorilla-Man who discovered strange anomalies around Earth’s Lunar orbit. Then they dropped off the grid, and when T’Challa and the agents arrived to the Moon, a strange vine-like creature attacked them. The team found Broo and Gorilla-Man underground, trapped in pods filled with hallucinogens. In an effort to free them, Agents Jameson and Okoye became trapped as well and T’Challa was expelled to the surface. Enter Barbara “Bobbi” Morse, AKA Mockingbird, the latest recruit to the Agents of Wakanda, who helped them out of their strange situation. Eventually they figured out the vine creature’s name was Entea and she fed off the energy of the moon. Since the moon has nothing to survive on, she starved, until Man-Wolf shared some of his star gem’s energy with her. But it wasn’t enough, so he decided to open a portal to Other Realm, the universe at his command as Stargod, a role he gained previously.

When they arrived, it’s desolate and destroyed. While Man-Wolf felt regret, like he failed the people of Other Realm, T’Challa reminded him of the complexities of the situation, and that being all things to all people is a responsibility to shoulder and he must decide if he’s willing to do it. Entea then decided to move to Other Realm, to feed and germinate at the same time, as Man-Wolf chose to stay as well and look for other signs of life. The agents left him with the Spearpoint-O which would transport him back to Earth when he felt ready to come back to the Agents of Wakanda.

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