Friends of Humanity

Friends of Humanity

A radical anti-mutant group, Friends of Humanity uses extreme and often violent tactics to rid the world of non-humans.




Friends of Humanity (FoH) is a grass-roots campaign dedicated to eradicating the perceived mutant menace and it quickly turns into a national movement.


Embittered Origin

This anti-mutant group is founded by the disgruntled Graydon Creed, a human with mutant parents Raven Darkhölme, AKA Mystique, and Victor Creed, AKA Sabretooth, who abandoned him and whom he grows to resent.


Political Power

Rabid anti-mutant lobbyist Graydon Creed is the founder of FoH, whose violent rhetoric sparks a movement against mutants. Though when he’s assassinated, the group eventually finds a new leader in Senator Peter Krane, who shares their ideals. The group carries out acts of terrorist violence against mutants, harassing them, protesting their existence, kidnapping them, and even killing them. The group often uses the slur “muties” to refer to mutants.



Friends of Humanity’s pro-human mission and terrorist acts often has them going up against the X-Men and X-Force, mutant teams dedicated to the peace between humans and mutants.


Allies Against Non-Humans

The FoH sides with humanity and gather under anti-mutant activists and leaders, such as Graydon Creed, Senator Peter Krane and his son Arthur. They also form an alliance with Bastion, a super-sentinel from the future and an amalgam of Master Mold and the Nimrod Sentinel, who also desired an end to mutants.

Later, the group leader Arthur Krane forms an alliance with New York City Mayor Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, and the Life Foundation against alien threats.


A Litany of Terrorist Acts

Friends of Humanity begins their foray into harassing and attacking mutants by taking mutants Rusty Collins, AKA Firefist, and Sally Blevins, AKA Skids, hostage to “pay for their mutant crimes”. The pair of mutants were soon rescued by X-Force who easily took down the group despite their arsenal.

As the face of the organization, Creed and FoH protested the release of mutant Vance Astrovik, AKA Justice, who had killed his abusive father. When X-Force escorted Astrovik from his release, the protestors threw a container housing a fetus of a stillborn mutant child at them. Enraged, Astrovik ended up losing control of his powers and attacking the protestors.

FoH continued protesting mutants’ existence, and began attacking them, including those they believed to be mutants but were in fact human.

Using the resources Creed gained through FoH, along with the support of the government-sponsored anti-mutant task force Operation: Zero Tolerance, Creed nominated himself as a presidential candidate of the United States. He ran on an anti-mutant platform and capitalizing on a near-hysterical fear of mutants in the general public, Creed’s popularity grew, leading the Daily Bugle newspaper to launch an investigation into Creede’s activities. When a reporter discovered information about Creed’s mutant parentage, FoH ally and Zero Tolerance’s leader Bastion killed the journalist to prevent the news from leaking. Meanwhile, members of FoH felt emboldened to continue attacking mutants, including Irene Adler, AKA Destiny’s grandson, Trevor Chase. As such, Destiny’s lover Mystique planned to assassinate Creed, her own son. Creed was indeed assassinated but by Mystique’s future self whose mind had been sent back into her past body to ensure the death of her son.

FoH’s reach extended to Donovan Zane who led a faction at Empire State University, dedicated to hunting down mutants on campus. Though Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man, stopped the group from harming student and mutant Robin Vega.

The FoH began targeting Christopher Bradley who sought treatment for the Legacy Virus, but another mutant, Christoph Nord, AKA Maverick, came to his aid and caused the FoH to cease their harassment.

The FoH allied with Bastion as they had shared interests in addressing the mutant problem. Bastion helped revive Creed’s dead body with help from the Techno-Organic Virus, but Creed ultimately perished battling the X-Men.

In addition to the FoH going up against the X-Men, they also attempted to slay members of X-Factor Investigations but failed when met by Prince Pip Gofern, AKA Pip the Troll, who used a wormhole generator against them. The FoH next targeted Kyle Jinadu for having married mutant Jean-Paul Beaubier, AKA Northstar. One of their members shot a gun point blank at Jinadu’s head, but Northstar caught the bullet, saving his husband’s life.

The group then joined other right-wing groups like the Red Skulls, The Sons of Selene, and the new Watchdogs, until an undercover Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, and Sharon Carter broke up the fight.

After the alien Knull, creator of symbiotes, invaded earth, FoH found a new leader in Senator Peter Krane, and expanded their targets to include non-humans as well. Krane’s son, Arthur, host to the Carnage symbiote, helped the symbiotes infiltrate FoH and killed his father on stage where he spoke to a crowd of people. Arthur’s fellow symbiotes attacked nearby civilians until Flash Thompson, AKA Agent Anti-Venom, symbiote-possessed allies, Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, and Alchemax guards stopped him. Arthur, free of the Carnage symbiote, claimed it wasn’t him in control. Soon afterward, the governor of New York then appointed Arthur to take his father’s seat as Senator and he became the face of the anti-alien movement, while his father was made a martyr.

Arthur later publicly allied with Mayor Fisk to protect humanity from the symbiote menace, while secretly allying with Carlton Drake and the Life Foundation.

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