Avast ye! This band of spacefaring buccaneers knows what matters, a bountiful booty and that their fate is in the hand of the stars—it’s the Pirate way!



Space pirates led by Yondu Udonta, the Ravagers seek to do what pirates do best, pillage and plunder, and their ocean is the entire galaxy of stars.


Yo Ho Ho!

When the Ravagers come upon a ship stranded in space, Yondu and his crew contact the lone soul on it, Peter Quill. As they board the ship, they threaten to steal it while warning Quill that if he does as they say, he’ll come out of it unscathed. But Quill has other plans and sneaks onto the Ravagers’ ship. Using a bulldozer, he pushes his ship out into space. But Yondu outsmarts him, and leaving Quill’s ship the same way Quill departs it, Yondu attacks him. But Quill outmaneuvers Yondu, knocking him out and then dresses his wounds. Once Yondu comes to, he escapes and knocks the helmet off of Quill’s head. Seeing that he’s a kid, Yondu hesitates but only for a moment and they each draw their weapons. Holding each other at gunpoint, Quill convinces Yondu that he could be valuable member of his crew. Yondu sees his potential as a pirate and makes him the ship’s janitor.


All Hands on Deck

First led by the Centaurian Yondu Udonta, the Ravagers are a group of space pirates that engage in outlaw activities, such as looting. The group includes Ora, Torgo, Prince Pip Gofern, AKA Pip the Troll, Camille Banally, AKA Cammi, Terry, AKA Planet Terry, and Sera. Originally, the group includes Czar Doon and Kraglin.

Yondu allows the young Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord, to join their band of space pirates seeing that the young buccaneer reminded him of himself. He makes him a janitor and then raises him as a Ravager-in-training.

Eventually Yondu is the team leader in all but name, as the rest of the space pirates don’t really pay any heed to him.


Blow the Man Down

The Ravagers come up against all kinds of aliens across the galaxy. Namely the ones they steal from, but one such alien is Earther Peter Quill, whom they add to their ranks for a time. But they make him into too-good of a pirate and Quill betrays them. As such, Yondu and the Ravagers put a bounty out on his head.


Ahoy, Me Hearties!

The Ravagers trust each other, and sometimes add members to their crew even if they don’t trust them. But in need of skilled hands, they accept the risks and band together when they need to against threats.


From Chase to Coffer

When Yondu realized Quill had more valuable skills, he added him to his crew and led the team to raid NASA’s Asterion One, a massive space arc that Quill helped build. Yondu wanted the arc’s warp cores and promised Quill a tracking gem that housed the location of the aliens that killed his mother. While Yondu and the crew were busy rounding up the arc’s crew, Quill had pickpocketed Yondu’s tracking gem and returned to the Ravagers’ ship. Yondu and his crew watched helplessly as Quill ejected all their treasure into space. While the crew went back to the ship, Quill locked them in the treasure’s hold and Yondu ended up catching up with Quill in space as he fled back to the Asterion using the “Star-Lord” vacuum cleaner. Yondu grabbed the gem and taunted Quill with it but Quill ultimately gave it up and they each returned to their respective ships, Quill to the Asterion and Yondu to his ship. Yondu ordered his crew to scrape together what was left of the treasure and that he’d be putting a bounty on Quill’s head.

Many years later, Yondu left his crew and found the Jojola Nebula which contained technology used by scientists studying Galactus. He attempted to return to his crew but it took a year to find his way out of they labyrinthic nebula. When he finally escaped, he was captured and imprisoned in Knowhere. The adult Peter Quill, now Star-Lord, got him out on parole so he and the Guardians of the Galaxy could navigate the nebula with Yondu’s help. But Yondu betrayed them once they arrived at the nebula and contacted his crew. Once his crew arrived, the Punishers attacked the Ravagers’ ship but Gamora, one of the Guardians, used defeatd the Punishers using the Transluminal Tuning Fork. The Guardians then arrested the Ravagers.

Though, the Ravagers eventually become mercenaries and make a home on Ego the Living Planet, helping helpless refugees but really helping protect a race of beings who could produce diamonds—mercenaries have to eat after all. After the Asgardians of the Galaxy stumbled upon the group, they teamed-up against the refugees’ tormentors, the Raiders, and the planet who also started attacking them. Aldrif Odinsdottir, AKA Angel, aided the planet in defeating the Raiders with her Asgardians and Ego agreed to let Yondu, the Ravagers, and the refugees stay. The Asgardians then departed but not before Yondu declared that they were honorary Ravagers.

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