While Fandral and Volstagg are native Asgardians, Hogun hails from Vanaheim, but his dedication to Asgard is as strong as his brothers in arms. The Warriors Three exhibit exceptional fighting skills to stand as an impressive and formidable force of Asgard.


Longtime friends and allies of Thor, the Warriors Three are quick to assist him and come to his aid, even against the wishes of their king, Odin. This was the case when Thor wished to travel to Jotunheim in order to enact revenge against the Frost Giants, despite Odin’s refusal. The Warriors Three were among those who joined Thor on this unsanctioned mission, which set into motion events that changed the course of Thor’s life and Asgard itself. 

All For One

Stern, mace-wielding Hogun, boisterous master of the axe Volstagg, and charming swordsman Fandral fight exceptionally well together and have become close friends in their time off the battlefield.

Hogun with Thor

Soldiers in the realm of Asgard, the Warriors Three answer to Odin, though they’ve been known to follow Thor against the All-Father’s direct orders. Despite their varied personalities, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun all battle on equal footing, with none attempting to take command of the group.


Like all good Asgardians, the Warriors Three face off against anyone their king, Odin, commands them to—and sometimes foes he doesn't. They’ve battled the Frost Giants of Jotunheim alongside Thor, as well as the Dark Elves, and Hela when she returned to her native land. Though they once counted Loki as a friend, his clear deceit and repeated betrayals have made him an enemy.

Warrior Pals

Fiercely loyal to Odin and Asgard at large, the Warriors Three often fight alongside the mighty Thor as well as the Lady Sif. The trio used to consider Loki a companion before his plot to kill Odin came to light.

Hogun faces down his enemy

For Asgard

Thor's coronation came to an abrupt end thanks to a contingent of Frost Giants breaking in and trying to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters. The Warriors Three sought to comfort their distraught friend. Volstagg also mourned the loss of food in the banquet hall that Thor tore up prior to their arrival alongside Sif.

Volstagg at the feast

Even though Odin forbade Thor from traveling to Jotunheim to exact revenge on the Frost Giants, the God of Thunder decided to do exactly that, thanks in part to the machinations of Loki, who had secretly let the first batch of Frost Giants in. Though Fandral remained concerned about the dangers, Thor convinced him by reminding him and Hogun that he had led them into some of their most glorious battles. Thor then did the same with Volstagg, but instead brought up the many delicacies they've enjoyed together. The Warriors Three, Loki and Sif all decided to follow Thor on his quest to make the Frost Giants pay.

Upon arriving in Jotunheim, the Asgardians came upon King Lauffey. The Frost Giant leader goaded Thor into a fight, even though he said that such an act would lead to war between the two realms. As the battle began, Hogun unleashed his mace and throwing knives, Volstagg wielded his battle axe and Fandral his trusty sword.

During the fracas, Volstagg was touched by one of the giants and realized that coming into contact with them would result in frost burns. Soon after, Fandral discovered an even more dangerous element, frozen spikes, which he became impaled upon. Wanting to get his comrade help, Volstagg hoisted Fandral on his back and headed towards the Bifrost, picking up the pace as Lauffey unleashed a giant monster on their trail. It nearly ate its prey, but Thor ended the threat. Cornered and waiting for the Bifrost, the Warriors Three and Sif found a surprise as Odin came through the gate and had words with Lauffey.

Upon returning to Asgard, Sif, Hogun and Volstagg took Fandral to the healers while Odin punished Thor by stripping him of his powers and sending him to Earth. Soon after, while recuperating, Loki revealed to them that he told a guard to let Odin know about their trip to Jotunheim. After Loki left, Volstagg said they should thank him for bringing about their salvation, but Hogun reminded them that Lauffey claimed Odin's house had traitors. And who could be more equipped to let Frost Giants into Asgard on the sly than a master of magic?

The Warriors Three and Sif approach Loki on the Throne

As the All-Father fell into the Odin Sleep and Frigga dedicated herself to staying by his side, Loki assumed the throne to the surprise of the Warriors Three and Sif. They intended to speak to Odin about lifting Thor's banishment and were shocked to see Loki, the one they no longer fully trusted, in control. They kneeled before him, but didn't fully dedicate themselves to this new king, especially when he claimed it wouldn't do to cancel out the previous king's last decree by letting Thor return. 

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Upset, the Warriors Three and Sif met to figure out their next move. Hogun demanded that they get Thor back, to which Sif agreed, and with Heimdall's sly assistance, traveled to Midgard.

On Earth, the Asgardians were spotted by S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as Loki, who sent the Destroyer to wipe them all off the planet. Before facing that considerable threat, they found Thor, and met his newfound Earth friends, Jane Foster, Erik Selvig, and Darcy Lewis. When the Destroyer attacked, the Warriors Three jumped into battle, but found themselves unable to stop their foe. Thor intervened, and after regaining his power and taking out the Destroyer, returned to the Bifrost with the Warriors Three and Sif. Sif and the Warriors Three took the injured Heimdall to the healing room upon arrival, while Thor faced off with Loki and saved Odin. Afterwards, the Warriors Three celebrated the victory.

The Warriors Three continued fighting alongside Thor and together, along with Sif, battled marauders on Hogun’s home of Vanaheim and stopped the invaders handily. At Thor’s suggestion, Hogun stayed behind to help his people recover.

Volstagg in the heat of battle

Back on Asgard, Volstagg and Fandral brought many prisoners into the Asgardian jail, including Algrim, one of the Dark Elf Malekith's agents, who would then become the super-powered Kurse. Volstagg and Fandral fought back against the ensuing jail break Kurse began, which was part of Malekith's plan to scatter Odin's efforts.

With Asgard’s queen, Frigga, killed during the chaos, Fandral and Volstagg mourned her loss alongside their people. Soon after, Fandral informed Odin that they had no way of detecting or tracking the Dark Elves' ships which still hovered around Asgard in stealth mode.

Fandral and Volstagg fighting the Dark Elves

With Odin planning all-out war, Fandral and Volstagg assisted Thor when he came up with his own plan involving freeing the imprisoned Loki in order to help separate his beloved Jane Foster from the Aether that she’d succumbed to. Fandral and Volstagg were integral in getting Thor, Loki and Jane off Asgard, fending off their fellow Asgardians to help with the escape.

After Thor successfully saved Jane and stopped Malekith, Odin sent Volstagg and Sif to Knowhere to leave the Aether with Taneleer Tivan, the Collector. Volstagg revealed that they thought it unwise to keep two Infinity Stones close to one another, so the Aether went to Tivan, as they already had the Tesseract on Asgard. Sometime after these events, Hogun returned to Asgard.

Fandral Finishes his Enemy

After the death of Odin, his vengeful daughter, Hela, broke free of her prison and returned to Asgard to usurp control. The Goddess of Death lived up to her name and made short work of Volstagg and Fandral, killing them immediately upon her arrival.

Hogun and Thor (Thor Odinson)

Hogun would then lead an army of Asgardian warriors against Hela, but she used her incredible fighting skills to kill every single one of them, with Hogun falling last.

Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral