Xavier Security Enforcers

Xavier Security Enforcers

To combat anti-mutant sentiments in alternate future Earth-1191, Xavier Security Enforcers forms as a mutant police force.




In the alternate future of Earth-1191, mutants form the Xavier Security Enforcers (XSE), a mutant police force dedicated to keeping the peace between mutants and humans.


Mutant Police Force

In the USA, 70 years into future Earth-1191, Hecat’e and other mutant veterans of the rebellion against the Sentinels form the Xavier Security Enforcers (XSE). Named after Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X, XSE honors his dream of peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans.



When they lose their guardian, siblings Lucas and Shard Bishop are saved by XSE members and recruited as trainees. Both quickly rise the ranks at the XSE Academy, serving in Omega Squad under Hecat’e’s supervision. Shard surpasses her brother in rank while Bishop remains a field operative, until he eventually commands the team with officers Malcolm and Randall under his purview. The “M” tattoo over mutants' right eye ultimately turns into a symbol for members of the XSE. 

Trevor Fitzroy, AKA Chronomancer, joins the XSE upon his father’s insistence, and an instant dislike springs up between the cowardly Fitzroy and his classmate Lucas Bishop, whose sister, Shard, Fitzroy dates. 

XSE officers wield advanced weaponry typical of the era.


Frequent Foes

The radical anti-mutant group known as the Exhumes often face off with XSE. The XSE also battles dissent within their own ranks when team member Fitzroy leaves and becomes a criminal. Fitzroy then becomes the team’s frequent adversary. 


Trusted Allies

The XSE’s allies are mostly their own team, including Hecat’e, Sureshot, Trace, Amazon, Recoil, Archer, Fixx, Devlin Greystone, AKA Greystone, Bishop, and Shard. When Bishop ends up in the past, the XSE takes a new form with a new team comprised of members of the X-Men, a team which also ends up being allies to the XSE. 



Fitzroy leaves the XSE when he inherits the Shaw estate, after his brother, William, was killed, events Fitzroy presumably engineered himself. With Shard’s help, Bishop arrested Fitzroy when he became a criminal, but Shaw’s interference prevented Fitzroy’s conviction. The foppish Fitzroy gathered other rich mutants, indulging in debauchery and torture of humans, as the Hellions. When Bishop arrested him again, a conniving Fitzroy sought a deal, telling the XSE of a radical mutant enclave, but actually sending them to a mutant-consuming Emplate hideout; a deception that resulted in Shard’s death.

Later, when Bishop became time-lost, landing in past reality Earth-616, he joined the X-Men under Charles Xavier. Eventually, he and five of his teammates formed a splinter group that cut all ties with the rest of the X-Men while seeking the diaries of the late mutant seer Destiny. Their team was granted official sanction as a global mutant peacekeeping force dubbed the X-Treme Sanctions Executive (XSE), echoing Bishop’s future organization. 

Mutant predator Elias Bogan then plagued the newly minted XSE after having possessed former X-Man Rachel Summers, AKA Marvel Girl, who in turn possessed Bishop and set him against his teammates. The XSE ultimately prevailed, then helped the X-Men rebuild the Xavier Institute following an attack by Max Eisenhardt, AKA Magneto. With Xavier having left to help rebuild the devastated island nation of Genosha, the X-Men restructured and the XSE rejoined their comrades while still operating independently.

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