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Born 70 years in the future, Fitzroy was a trainee in the X.S.E., but became Bishop's nemesis when he turned to crime, especially after he set up Bishop's sister Shard, and had her killed by Emplates. When Fitzroy broke out of XSE HQ and fled to the Twentieth Century, Bishop and his team followed, but Fiztroy escaped. As a member of the Upstarts, Fitzroy killed the young mutants known as the Hellions, whose life-energies he used to bring criminals from his century into ours. He also attempted to kill Forge but the Maker and Mystique held him off until the X-Men could arrive. Soon afterwards, he found young Sienna Blaze, a powerful mutant whom he sponsored for membership in the Upstarts. He said that an older Blaze had told him exactly who she was and where and when to find her; presumably to change her life, or to ensure that history happened the way she remembered it. He then participated in the Younghunt, where he was presumed dead after he tried to drain Cable's life force through his techno-organic arm and was sucked into his own portal. Why the portal didn't drain his own life is still unknown. Fitzroy reappeared under the thrall of Selene as the White Rook of the Hellfire Club. He sometimes fights in an omnium mesh bio-armor, which is extremely powerful, nearly indestructible, and may possibly be activated on his mental command.

Recently, however, Fitzroy increased his power levels substantially and journeyed to a future timeline in which Earth was reduced to medieval technology levels. There Fitzroy set himself up as the Chronomancer and took over, using time-jumping robots with futuristic weapons to keep control. Then he had Shard brought to that time, where he kept her captive, but before his goons got her, they transported Bishop to Fitzroy's realm as well. Bishop, however, remained on the loose, and Fitzroy began to modify Shard to make her human again. His powers increased dramatically, to the point where he could freeze people in a type of stasis and open many more portals than before. In addition, his energy powered the Chronotroopers and his enitre fortress. In the final battle, Fitzroy used Shard as bait for Bishop, and he captured his rival when Shard betrayed him. Fitzroy tortured Bishop mentally and physically before leaving him to "assume his destiny as Master of Time."

Fitzroy's plan was to become Time itself, a feat so ambitious that Uatu the Watcher himself came to observe. Unfortunately, Bishop had been freed by his companion Link, and arrived to stop Fitzroy from entering the giant portal he had created. A fight ensued, and Fitzroy emerged victorious and headed for the portal again. Bishop, drained of energy had no chance until Shard arrived and turned herself into energy again, forcing Bishop to absorb her and blast her at Fitzroy. Bishop missed, but Fitzroy hesitated enough that Bishop caught him and held him half in, half out of the portal until it closed on itself, cutting Fitzroy in half.









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