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The Creative Process Behind 'Marvel's Luke Cage'

Showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker talks about his inspirations on Marvel's Voices!


Cheo Hodari Coker Talks Showrunning 'Marvel's Luke Cage' on Marvel's Voices

The writer and producer sits down with Angélique to discuss his journey to the Hero for Hire!


Mustafa Shakir Visits This Week in Marvel to Give Some Background on Bushmaster

The latest antagonist of 'Marvel's Luke Cage' says a lot went into creating the new nemesis.


TWIM Bonus! Alfre Woodard on Mariah Dillard's Power on 'Marvel's Luke Cage'

Woodard shares her insight, experience, and personal history and how it shaped Mariah.

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Luke Cage
Carl Lucas was a Harlem-bred kid who found himself on the wrong side of the tracks – and the law. While behind bars he received an experimental treatment, granting Lucas bulletproof skin, super strength and endurance. This hardened ex-con is now Luke Cage, a.k.a. Power Man, a hero dedicated to keeping his streets safe.
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