Summon the power of Galactus with Eat the Universe! Join celebrity chef Justin Warner as he welcomes a wide-array of guests to cook dishes inspired by Marvel’s rich history.

Eat the Universe

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    Eat the Universe / S2 E19Deadpool Chimichangas with Ron Funches | Eat the Universe

    We break the fourth wall with comedian Ron Funches and make a bite-sized version of Deadpool's favorite, Chimichangas!


    Eat the Universe / S2 E18Thor's Hammer, but Meat | Eat the Universe

    Connor Ratliff joins Chef Justin Warner on the newest episode of Eat the Universe to create Thor's Mjolnir using a Tomahawk steak.


    Eat the Universe / S2 E17Wolverine's Bayou Boil | Eat the Universe

    Rodney Henry, of Marvel's Wolverine: The Lost Trail, joins Chef Justin Warner to create a Louisiana-style Bayou boil fit for Wolverine himself.


    Eat the Universe / S2 E16Making Tony Stark's GOLD Lobster Corn Dog? (with Chris Gethard!)

    Chef Justin Warner is joined by comedian Chris Gethard to make Tony Stark's dream food: A lobster tail corn dog plated in edible gold!


    Eat the Universe / S2 E15Making a Lockjaw-Sized Dog Biscuit! | Eat the Universe

    Chef Justin Warner makes a bone-shaped dog biscuit fit for Lockjaw himself, or in this case, Justin's dog Kewpie!


    Eat the Universe / S2 E14Chicago Dog Pizza with SNL's Chris Redd | Marvel Eat the Universe

    Saturday Night Live's Chris Redd creates a Chicago dog styled pizza with Chef Justin Warner inspired by Moon Knight and Spider-Man.


    Eat the Universe / S2 E13Mysterio inspired crudité with Kevin Smith! | Eat the Universe

    You won’t believe your eyes as Justin Warner welcomes the one and only Kevin Smith to create a Mysterio-inspired, Fishbowl Head Crudité Illusion.


    Eat the Universe / S2 E12Ironheart Savory Oatmeal | Eat the Universe

    In honor of Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart, Chef Justin Warner creates a savory oatmeal complete with Chicago-style Italian Beef and New Mexico-influenced Chile Caribe sauce.


    Eat the Universe / S2 E11Hazelnut Spread M&M's Infinity Gauntlets | Eat the Universe

    There are six Infinity Stones, and six different colors of M&Ms. Coincidence? In this episode of Eat The Universe, Justin Warner creates Infinity Gauntlet-shaped shortbread cookies using Hazelnut Spread M&Ms to create the ultimate flavor combination.


    Eat the UniverseUncanny Eggs-Men | Eat the Universe

    Comedians Matteo Lane and Evan Williams join Justin Warner to participate in the Uncanny X-Men, un-canned chef challenge. Watch as they create a dish using a variety of canned mystery ingredients.


    Eat the UniverseBBQ Pulled Pork from the '90s! | Eat the Universe

    Anything you can do, Triathlon can do three times better. On this episode of Eat The Universe, Justin Warner creates a Triathlon-inspired '90s dish of BBQ Pulled Pork. '90s chefs loved rings of food. Don’t ask why!


    Eat the UniverseDazzler's Glittering Pizza Bagels | Eat the Universe

    Justin Warner makes his pitch to join Mother Feather on their next tour as their personal chef. Watch as they create Dazzler-inspired pizza bagels and talk about the latest release by Mother Feather, “Constellation Baby."

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