Summon the power of Galactus with Eat the Universe! Join celebrity chef Justin Warner as he welcomes a wide-array of guests to cook dishes inspired by Marvel’s rich history.

Eat the Universe

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    Eat the Universe
    Black Bolt Sock Cold Brew | Marvel's Eat the Universe NYCC 2017


    Eat the Universe / S1 E1
    Eat the Universe: Episode 1 - Phoenix Hot Chicken and Egg Bowl

    Grab your fire extinguisher and join Jean Grae, John Hodgman and our host, chef Justin Warner, as they get ready to Eat the Universe! This week, we are frying up a Phoenix Hot Chicken and Egg Bowl.


    Eat the Universe / S1 E2
    Eat the Universe: Episode 2 - Venom Black Noodles (ft. Flatbush Zombies)

    Join the Flatbush Zombies and our culinary genius, Justin Warner, as they get ready to Eat the Universe! This week, we are stirring up Pad See "Us" with Venom Black Noodles to celebrate Venom’s 30th Anniversary!


    Eat the Universe / S1 E3
    Eat the Universe: Episode 3 - Runaways-Inspired Okonomiyaki (ft. Lyrica Okano)

    This week Lyrica Okano from Marvel’s Runaways joins our culinary crusader, Justin Warner, to Eat the Universe! The two will be discussing all things Japan, acting, and Niko Minoru while cooking a Runaways-inspired Okonomiyaki.


    Eat the Universe / S1 E4
    Eat the Universe: Episode 4 - Cosmic Yogurt Bowls (ft. John Urschel)

    When you have a former NFL lineman in the kitchen, you better prepare a dish that’s loaded with protein and flavor. That’s right, Greek yogurt! MIT PhD candidate and former Ravens lineman John Urschel comes by the kitchen to create Thor and Nebula.


    Eat the Universe / S1 E5
    Eat the Universe: Episode 5 - Rocket's Trash Omelet

    We are ravaging across the universe with the cast of Marvel Universe LIVE – and some very special guests, Rocket and Groot! it’s Rocket’s choice for breakfast, and he chose… trash?


    Eat the Universe / S1 E6
    Eat the Universe: Episode 6 - The Punisher's Italian Wedding Soup (ft. Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder)

    You know what goes great together? Comedy and the Punisher! We have enlisted Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder to make a Punisher-inspired Italian Wedding Soup!


    Eat the Universe / S1 E7
    Eat the Universe: Episode 7 - Yancy Street Kugel (ft. Zach Cherry )

    UCB mainstay Zach Cherry from HBO’s Crashing joins Chef Justin Warner in the kitchen to create a Thing-inspired Noodle Kugel. Learn, laugh and wonder alongside the guys how the “Incognito Thing” thing ever worked.


    Eat the Universe / S1 E8
    Eat the Universe: Episode 8 - Juggernaut Breakfast Burrito (ft. Daym Drops & Yissel Ayala)

    This week on Eat The Universe, Justin Warner is joined by the Food Titan of YouTube, Daym Drops, and the founder of Geek Girl Brunch, Yissel Ayala. Watch as they join forces to create an unstoppable Juggernaut Breakfast Burrito.


    Eat the Universe / S1 E9
    Eat the Universe: Episode 9 - Black Panther Akabenzi (ft. Martellus Bennett)

    Super Bowl Champion and Creative Director of Awesomeness at The Imagination Agency, Martellus Bennett, joins Chef, Justin Warner to create a Black Panther-inspired dish called Akabenzi.


    Eat the Universe
    Eat The Universe: The San Diego Comic-Con Special!

    Justin Warner (@EatFellowHumans) takes the show on the road to San Diego Comic Con to ask the important culinary super hero questions, and take the standard convention food to the next level. #MarvelSDCC


    Eat the Universe
    Gorgon Pounded Steak | Marvel's Eat the Universe NYCC 2017
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