Published November 8, 2021

The 10 Most "Kirby" Pages in Jack Kirby's ‘Eternals’

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Jack “King” Kirby’s contributions to the Marvel Universe are unrivaled. A formative, creative mind behind modern comics, Kirby’s legacy has defined the industry. And, in 1976, Kirby unleashed yet one more epic under the Marvel name: The Eternals. Over the course of 19 issues, Kirby introduced readers to these omnipotent god-like beings and their rivals, the Deviants. This was also the comic series that established the Celestials as immortal harbingers of cosmic change.

To celebrate this comic book masterpiece, takes a look back at the most extraordinary Kirby pages from ETERNALS (1976). These are the images that capture the creator’s unrestrained imagination, setting the stakes for a story like none other.


The Chamber of the Gods in ETERNALS (1976) #1,
ETERNALS (1976) #1

Kirby wasted little time setting the scale of this story. Even before formally introducing the main characters, this double-page spread featured the grandeur of the “Chamber of the Gods.” Dr. Daniel Damian and his daughter, Margo Damian, thought that this was their discovery. But in reality, their assistant, Ike Harris, was responsible for this find. Of course, Ike Harris is really Ikaris, but he wasn’t ready to reveal his true nature at that moment.


The Celestials descend in ETERNALS (1976) #2.
ETERNALS (1976) #2

For many issues on this run, Kirby had a habit of putting the most stunning pages together at the beginning of the book. In this case, Kirby used two pages to depict the arrival of the Celestials on Earth, as Ikaris, Damian, Margo, and even Kro of the Deviants looked on. And despite the great powers of the Eternals and Deviants, both races pale in comparison to the might of the Celestials.


Arishem acts as a judge in ETERNALS (1976) #3.
ETERNALS (1976) #3

Kirby topped himself again with this two-page splash that featured an awe-inspiring look at Arishem, the leader of the Celestials. It was Arishem’s judgment that would determine whether Earth and its people would survive.


Sersi enchants with a dance in ETERNALS (1976) #3,
ETERNALS (1976) #3

While there are many important characters in ETERNALS, few have received an introduction like Sersi. Margo accompanied Ikaris when he went to find Sersi, and both were startled by her beauty and graceful moves. But Sersi’s true power goes far beyond her physical charm and fun-loving ways...


The Deviants attack in ETERNALS (1976) #4,
ETERNALS (1976) #4

Kro and the Deviants attempted to deceive humanity into believing that they were demons in order to influence the Celestials’ judgment. That’s why Ikaris felt the need to directly confront them in this two-page spread. Even when severely outnumbered, Ikaris’ power struck fear in the hearts of his enemies.


Thena and Makkari attack in ETERNALS (1976) #6.
ETERNALS (1976) #6

Ikaris isn’t the only warrior who fights for the Eternals! While issue #5 formally introduced Thena and Makkari (here spelled “Makarri”), the first page splash in issue #6 captures their might as they prepare to take on the Deviants and rescue Ikaris from their grasp.


The Eternals' press conference in ETERNALS (1976) #6,
ETERNALS (1976) #6

To quell the panic created by Kro’s attack, the Eternals held a press conference to announce their existence to the people of Earth. Even Kro willingly participated in this event, largely out of his love for Thena. Kro also knew that the world was unlikely to accept what the Eternals had to say even if his presence helped them. Sadly, he wasn’t wrong.


Arishem's thumb determines Earth's fate in ETERNALS (1976) #7.
ETERNALS (1976) #7

By this point, readers knew that Arishem would silently render his judgment on humanity through the position of his thumb. Thumbs up, and humanity lives. Thumbs down and it’s the end of the world. What readers didn’t know is that his thumb contained the formula that could destroy a world by itself. There’s a reason Arishem is “a Planet-Killer,” and this is it.


The Eternals take flight in ETERNALS (1976) #11.
ETERNALS (1976) #11

Eternals from around the world returned to their home, Olympia, in this stunning double splash page. Their shared purpose was to form the Uni-Mind, a union that was their only hope to sway the judgment of the Celestials in their favor to save the Earth.


The end of a Celestial in ETERNALS (1976) #18.
ETERNALS (1976) #18

The Celestials may be space gods, but they aren’t immortal. In these pages, Druig witnesses an event from Earth’s distant past in which one of the Celestials was destroyed by a weapon that transformed its body into pure energy. That’s the kind of weapon that even the gods would fear...


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