Published January 8, 2019

4 Iconic Captain America and Iron Man Moments

Look back at several moments in the friendship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

Captain America Iron Man

2006’s Civil War pitted Captain America against Iron Man in the now-famous battle over the Super Hero Registration Act.

That serves as one of many examples of the two disagreeing and coming to blows—which makes it hard to remember sometimes that their friendship and camaraderie usually outweighs whatever conflict rises between them. Usually. With that in mine, take a look back at several iconic moments in the friendship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

Captain America & Iron Man #633-635

Back in 2012, a second Captain America title featured team-ups between Cap and various heroes like Namor, Hawkeye, and of course Iron Man. When Rogers and Stark head to Madripoor to recover Tony’s stolen plans for his armor, they team up to fight A.I.M., M.O.D.O.K., and Batroc’s Brigade in a fun story by Cullen Bunn and Barry Kitson.

Captain America and Bucky (2011) #633

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Iron Man #172

When Tony Stark disappeared during his battle with alcoholism, his replacement as Iron Man, Jim Rhodes, called on Captain America to help find him. They discovered the millionaire inventor in a flophouse, drunk, where Rogers confronts him and offers to help—whenever Tony decides he wants to be helped.

Iron Man (1968) #172

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Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #5-6

In a story set not long after the Avengers rescued Captain America from suspended animation, Iron Man escorts his new friend to Brooklyn, where Cap tries to deal with all the changes that occurred to the world while he remained frozen. A hypnotized Tony Stark does end up attacking and losing to Cap—which proves to Shellhead that the “normal” hero deserves a place in the Avengers.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (1998) #6

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New Avengers #1-3

Following the disbanding of Earth’s Mightiest as a result of Avengers Disassembled, a breakout attempt on The Raft brings several heroes together, including Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Iron Man. After stopping many—but not all—of the villains from escaping, Stark and Rogers decide—over coffee and bagels—to reform the Avengers.

New Avengers (2004) #1

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