Published July 3, 2019

4 Reasons Why J. Jonah Jameson Is So Mad

We know he hates Spider-Man, but he has his reasons!

Jameson shouting

J. Jonah Jameson has had a long-standing grudge against Spider-Man while employing his alter ego Peter Parker at the Daily Bugle. He’s raged so hard it gave him a heart attack! But what’s got JJJ’s goat? Is there a reason he gets so worked up? The answer is yes! Read on to find out what makes J. Jonah Jameson tick!

He Has a Skewed Opinion of “Heroes”

Jameson's dad

Jameson may have a vendetta against Spider-Man, but it’s not necessarily all Super Heroes that he hates. He just seems to think that there needs to be law and order – and honesty. Jameson is also tolerant of Super Heroes who worked with the government according to the Superhuman Registration Act. But his beef with heroes goes back even further – his father, a decorated war hero, was an abusive monster, breaking down any illusion that “heroes” are purely good. The ones hiding their identities must be hiding something suspicious, even criminal.

So you can imagine his reaction when he found out his very own field photographer Peter Parker revealed his secret identity as Spider-Man. (Short answer: He fainted.)

He Has Experienced Devastating Losses

Jameson's grief

He may have been able to hold down the fort at the Daily Bugle, but Jameson’s marriages are another story. Two of them ended tragically. His first wife Joan, the mother of his astronaut son, was killed by a mugger while he was stationed in Korea. His second wife, Dr. Marla Madison, also died trying to save him. To say nothing of his own son becoming the Man-Wolf. While his bad mood may manifest in vocal outbursts, Jameson also has a strong undercurrent of grief.

His Health Is Not Great

Jameson's heart attack

Clearly Jameson has some trouble managing his anger. It doesn’t help that he’s prone to heart attacks – he’s had at least two of them. But considering his troubled childhood and lifetime of loss, not to mention being around some truly devastating attacks by Super Villains and even being kidnapped on one occasion, Jameson’s mental health is fragile to say the least. What this guy needs is a vacation. And lots and lots of therapy.

He Wishes He Could Be a Hero

Jameson, hero

Despite his low opinion of “so-called heroes,” J. Jonah Jameson wishes he could be one. Going all the way back to 1964’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #10, Jameson has expressed his own desire to be a hero to someone, even admitting he was jealous of Spider-Man. Maybe he does like to see his name and flattop in lights, but maybe he also believes that as a journalist, he can at least be a hero for the truth.

Jameson carries a lot of spiritual weight, even for a shouty, angry blowhard. But at least we know why he’s a shouty, angry blowhard. (And for what it’s worth, he’s working on liking Spider-Man these days.)

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