Published February 19, 2019

5 Best Old Man Logans

We take a look at some of the incarnations of the elder statesman from the Great White North.

Old Man Logan

Many words easily describe Wolverine: ferocious warrior, loyal teammate, hero—senior citizen? Logan’s longevity may not be a secret, but when his age becomes apparent it can be a little shocking—and often hilarious.

Below, we take a look at some of the incarnations of the elder statesman from the Great White North.

Old Man Logan

Probably the most apparent version of Logan’s age came in the pages of the classic tale aptly titled “Old Man Logan.” Battling a gang of inbred, hillbilly Hulk decedents, the man once known as Wolverine comes out of retirement to thwart injustice in a world run by super villains.

Wolverine (2003) #66

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Days of Future Past Logan

The Logan we encounter in “Days of Future Past” might not exactly be old per se, but he’s definitely more a silver fox than a Wolverine. An aged freedom fighter, the veteran X-Man stands a catalyst in both the future mutant resistance as well as Sentinel stopping in the past.

Uncanny X-Men (1963) #141

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The End Logan

WOLVERINE: THE END depicts a radically aged Logan being dusted off for one last job in possibly his most human tale ever. After years in isolation, Wolverine comes full circle to lay the smack down on the Weapon X program.

Wolverine: The End (2003) #1

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Earth X Logan

EARTH X proves that getting what you wish for can be extremely sucktastic. Old, overweight, and most likely addicted to television shopping channels, Logan spends his twilight years arguing the days away with his wife, Jean Grey.  To be fair, Jean turns out to actually be Madelyne Pryor, but Logan either doesn’t care or notice.


Patch might be a stretch here, but not noting this identity would be a travesty. In a ruse befitting a day time soap opera, Wolverine assumed the identity of Patch—who for all intents and purposes looks like, acts like, and even kind of talks like Logan with one exception; if you guessed, “he wears an eye patch,” then gold star for you.

Wolverine First Class: Class Actions (Trade Paperback)

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