Published March 7, 2019

5 Things to Know About Ronan

Get to know the Kree warrior.


On the surface, Ronan the Accuser fits the bill of an atypical villain to a tee. He has a fervent hostility towards the known universe, a seemingly never-ending chip on his shoulder, and an undying loyalty to his people.

However, what some people take away as madness, we view in a different light.

Ronan possesses passion beyond reproach, and stands by both his allies and convictions. This Kree warrior may just be the most misunderstood acolyte in the cosmos, and we’ve got some tidbits to help you get better acquainted with him.

The Accusation

Don’t let his name fool you. Ronan the Accuser does far more than just pointing the finger of guilt and snitching people out. He joined the Kree Public Accuser Corps and excelled like a boss. So much in fact that he became the boss, playing second fiddle to only the Supreme Intelligence and the Imperial Minister.

Law by Chaos

Ronan’s unflinching devotion to the Kree has brought on a steady stream of conflicts; of course we’re referring to the Skrulls, who have never been on the Supreme Accuser’s Christmas card list. Beyond his archenemies, tangles with the Fantastic Four, Nova, Star-Lord, and all sorts of other galactic freedom fighters have become the norm from the Accuser.

The Inhumans

On the subject of conflicts, it’s tough not to mention the Inhumans. When things got dicey and Ronan needed backup, he turned to a certain family of celestial royalty—who the Kree created after all. Seeing his “relatives” as easily conscripted by way of birthright, Ronan got into a few slobber-knockers with Black Bolt…they didn’t go so good.

Extended Family

Following Black Bolt’s capture by the Skrulls, Medusa turned to Ronan for a helping hand. He responded with a resounding “yes”—under the condition he got to wed Crystal. The pair tied the knot, although Crystal saw it as purely a political venture. Ronan—which we believe stands for “mack daddy” in Kree—didn’t have the same notion. The poor guy brought flowers for crying out loud.

Justice for All

There’s no cut and dry label that can be placed on Ronan. Sure, he’s a bit of a terror to the universe, but he’s a hero to his people and others as well—when properly motivated or in love. With the Universal Weapon by his side, Ronan will continue to keep on keepin’ on while asserting Kree justice and might wherever he sees fit.


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