Published May 23, 2019

5 Times Marvel Exes Fought Together

Breaking up is never easy, but what about teaming up with your ex to fight the forces of darkness and evil?

Breaking up is never easy, but what about teaming up with your ex to fight the forces of darkness and evil? In the Marvel Universe, it happens more often than you would think. Oftentimes, old differences must be put aside for the sake of the greater good.

Here are five occasions of Marvel exes coming together to save the day.


Black Panther and Storm
AVENGERS VS. X-MEN (2012) #9

Under the influence of the Phoenix Force, Namor destroyed Wakanda, much to the anger of T’Challa and his fellow countrymen, who disowned all X-Men in the aftermath of the attack. Storm tried to return, but T’Challa told her that their marriage had been annulled and that she was no longer welcome in Wakanda. During the events of DOOMWAR, however, Storm was a crucial piece of the resistance against Doctor Doom when the Super Villain orchestrated a coup in Wakanda to usurp the country’s Vibranium reserves.



After tying the knot in 1987, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson had their wedding written out of existence in the “One More Day” storyline by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada—all of this done to save Aunt May from a fatal gunshot wound. Despite this magical break-up, MJ (at least the Spider-Person version of her, Spinerret) later teamed up with several Peter Parkers to save the multiverse from the Inheritors during SPIDER-GEDDON.


Matt Murdock and Karen
DAREDEVIL (1964) #232

If anyone could forgive their ex-girlfriend for selling their secret hero identity to Kingpin for some drugs, it’s Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. When Karen Page returned to New York after ruining Matt’s life, not only did he help her kick her heroin addiction, but became a short order cook to support them both. When Nuke attacked Hell’s Kitchen, Karen provided Murdock with his suit and the strength required to save the day.


After discovering she was pregnant with Luke Cage’s baby, Jessica Jones broke up with Scott Lang and admitted the truth to Luke. While the two had been romantically involved in the past, this new development really united them in that common struggle known as parenthood.


When Eddie Brock was separated from the Symbiote, he realized that Venom ended up hurting people. Even so, he had to bond with the alien goop once more in order to fight off a group of a symbiotes that made Venom look like a kind old nanny.

Couples in the Marvel Universe generally don’t have the luxury of ghosting one another in times of peril. When the world, universe, or even multiverse is in danger, former lovers have the duty to ignore or move past awkwardness so that they can save innocent lives.



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