Published December 20, 2018

6 Cursed Couples in the Marvel Universe

Breaking up is hard to do.

Spider-Man Black Cat

Breaking up is hard to do—especially in the Marvel Universe, where love and revenge sometimes go hand in hand, Lady Gaga style.

Maybe your storybook romance gets derailed when the Beyonder kidnaps your boyfriend to Battleworld and he falls in love with an alien healer. Or perhaps your supposed true love runs back to his ex after a harrowing fight with vampires. Or what if your secret agent boyfriend…well, you get the idea. Love in the Marvel Universe rarely lasts, especially for young mutants who walk through walls.

In any event, here’s a look back at some of Marvel's cursed couples.

Vision & Scarlet Witch

What started as an oddball love affair—he’s a synthezoid, she’s a former evil mutant!—became an endearing marriage that turned tragic. After the Vision was disassembled and reassembled without his emotions, and their magically created children turned out to be pieces of the lost soul of Mephisto, Scarlet Witch went nuts a couple of times, the second of which resulted in Avengers Disassembled.

Crystal & The Human Torch

With parallels to “Romeo and Juliet,” it's easy to cast the Human Torch and Crystal as the title characters in the first meeting between the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans. Crystal found an instant connection to Johnny Storm—which didn't sit well with the Inhuman Royal Family. The duo’s end didn't come about because of these differences, but because Crystal met and fell in love with…

Quicksilver & Crystal

Crystal and Johnny’s romance came to a rapid end when the Inhuman happened across an injured Quicksilver, who she nursed back to health and fell in love with. This marriage between Inhuman and mutant would’t last, however; their relationship hit speed bumps in the form of Pietro’s temper, Crystal's affairs and a Terrigen Mist theft by Quicksilver, which led to Black Bolt eventually annulling it.

Mockingbird & Hawkeye

This relationship started like any good team-up: they fought, then teamed up, then eloped in the Poconos. The duo headed west to form a new team of Avengers, but kidnappings by the Phantom Rider and later, by the Skrulls, turned out to be too much strain for Clint and Bobbi’s love. Not even a stint leading the Great Lakes Avengers could save them from divorce.

Spider-Man & Black Cat

This romantic pairing developed feelings for each other as only two enemies can, then Felicia tried to go straight as she dated Spider-Man. Cursed with bad luck, literally, when Black Cat acquired powers from the Kingpin, Peter broke things off with her. Since then, they’ve been sometimes allies, sometimes enemies; right now they’re the latter, but give ‘em time. Maybe their luck will change.

Kitty Pryde & Star-Lord

Marvel’s matron saint of bad romances with guys named Peter, Kitty Pryde fell for Star-Lord during a mission in space. Their flirting became long-distance dating, and, eventually, a very romantic marriage proposal. But Peter’s familial responsibilities land him a new job on Spartax, which eventually breaks “Star-Kitty” in half.



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