Published August 7, 2020

6 Times Tony Stark Had Style Out of the Armor

Iron Man is a powerful look -- but so is a three-piece suit.

It's Stark Week here at Marvel, and our favorite Armored Avenger is being given some time in the spotlight! While there's no doubt that part of Tony Stark's appeal is his scientific and technological genius -- as seen in his various awesome Iron Man armors -- Marvel's slickest man-about-town is no slouch when it comes to style when he's out of the armor. Here are a few of Tony Stark's most ostentatious outfits!

IRON MAN (1998) #1


Writer: Kurt Busiek
Pencils: Sean Chen
Inks: Eric Cannon
Colors: Liquid!

The outfit is great, but the confidence that Tony is oozing makes it even greater. The leather jacket and matching boat shoes really take this outfit from “basic” to “billionaire industrialist on his day off.”

IRON MAN (1998) #2

Writer: Kurt Busiek
Pencils: Sean Chen
Inks: Eric Cannon with Sean Parsons and Al Milgrom
Colors: Liquid!

Tony Stark makes a splash on the slopes in his yellow and teal ski suit! Whether on the powder or in the sky, Mr. Stark is always well-suited.

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin (2007) #5

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Eric Canete
Colors: Dave Stewart

I chose this look for no reason other than that I love this jacket. A good throw-over jacket can really make a ‘fit, and Tony did THAT in this issue of IRON MAN: ENTER THE MANDARIN!

IRON MAN (2012) #1

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Pencils: Greg Land
Inks: Jay Leisten
Colors: Guru Efx

Am I the only one that loves a turtleneck/blazer combo? The white and black color combo is a bit severe but Tony Stark is trying to make a STATEMENT here! And he has succeeded.


Writer: Dan Slott
Inks: Valerio Schiti
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg, Edgar Delgado

We’ve all seen Tony Stark in a classic black suit, but here he looks sharp in a three-piece blue suit ensemble -- changing the game! He accessorizes with a matching pocket square and expensive watch.


Writer: Ryan North
Inks: Derek Charm
Colors: Rico Renzi

And last but not least, my personal favorite… Tony Stark in Iron Man boxers. Because what ELSE would he wear?!

It's just the beginning of Stark Week! Stay tuned to and Marvel on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for even more of the Armored Avenger!


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