Published January 7, 2019

7 Best Cat Characters

Seven of our favorite felines in the Marvel Universe.

Top Cats

It’s going to be a cat fight as we take take a look below at seven awesome cat-themed characters in the Marvel Universe.

Black Panther (T'Challa)

Possibly the most widely recognized feline-themed character in the Marvel Universe, T’Challa serves as the Black Panther—the chief of his Wakandan tribe—and functions as king of the nation. He plays an important role on the global stage, as Wakanda boasts the world’s largest supply of vibranium. He has enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, and more.

Black Panther (Shuri)

When a cabal of super villains put T’Challa in a coma, his then-wife Storm nominated sister Shuri to take his place. She did so despite the Panther God judging her unworthy of the title’s enhanced abilities, due to a lifelong jealousy of T’Challa. She saved the country and revived her brother, which earned her the powers of the title.


Puma, a man of Native American descent, belongs to a tribe that has a prophecy of a powerful being who can destroy the world. In response, they try to create perfect warriors through a combination of genetics and mysticism, resulting in people like Thomas Fireheart, who have enhanced abilities. He can transform into a puma through intense concentration, and has heightened senses. 

Kitty Pryde

After she began having severe headaches as a result of the manifestation of her power—the ability to pass through physical matter—Charles Xavier recruited a 13-year-old Kitty Pryde to attend the Xavier Institute. Once there, she joined the X-Men and took the identity of Sprite. As she grew up and matured, she changed her super hero name to Shadowcat.


The lab assistant of Dr. Joanne Tumulo, Greer Nelson gained superhuman abilities as a result of undergoing experiments intended to help humans reach their greatest physical and mental potential. Tumulo also belonged to a race called the Cat People, who evolved from felines. In an attempt to save Greer’s life, they imbued her with a cat soul, and she became a new incarnation of their hero Tigra.

Hellcat (Patsy Walker)

As the rare Super Hero whose pre-costumed identity is as famous, or even more famous, than her crime-fighter persona, Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat grew up idolizing the heroic super powered vigilantes she’d eventually join. A child raised in the spotlight—from fashion model to “starring” as the lead character in a fictionalized comic book based on her life—Walker would eventually find secondary fame as the costumed Hellcat and inadvertent notoriety as a champion for Hell itself.

Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)

Felicia Hardy is a confident cat burglar and a constant thorn in Spider-Man's side, whether as his enemy, his ally, or something even closer. For Felicia, it's about the adrenaline rush, the thrill of the chase, and stealing things nobody else can steal. The Black Cat has outlandish life goals and she is more than living up to them.



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