Published August 16, 2019

8 Times Rogue and Gambit Were #RelationshipGoals in ‘Mr. and Mrs. X’

The second volume of the X-Men romance caper is now in print and digital!

Mr. & Mrs. X

The X-Men’s “Shugah” and Spice couple only got married last year, but Rogue and Gambit are already showing signs that they’re in this for the long haul. Sure, their titular series MR. & MRS. X may not have always been the picture of marital bliss, but these two have already been through the #complicated parts. Also, if they can make it through an involuntary acting stint in the Mojoverse, they can make it through anything.

Here’s a heart-thumping handful of times the X-tra powered duo gave us couple envy in MR. AND MRS. X VOL. 2: GAMBIT AND ROGUE FOREVER by Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, Javier Pina, and Frank D'Armata!

The Couple Who Cosplays (Mr. & Mrs. X #8)

Yes, that is your favorite twosome styled like a galactic power couple from a galaxy far, far away. And yes, they’re both looking Hoth.

Mr. & Mrs. X

The Couple Who Takes a Moment (Mr. & Mrs. X #10)

After finally getting away from the Mojoverse, a healthy couple needs to stop and make some time for each other.

Mr. & Mrs. X take a moment

Learning from Each Other (Mr. & Mrs. X #12)

If the hallmark of a strong relationship is growth and self-development, then these two are #blessed. Rogue has Gambit to thank for her new skills as an amateur pickpocket and locksmith, while Gambit has his wife to thank for the lesson of enduring love.

Mr. & Mrs. X learning

Showing Up For Each Other (Mr. & Mrs. X #11)

Sometimes when you’re in love – and you also happen to be X-Men – you have to bail each other out of a pinch. Sometimes those pinches are downright life-threatening. But when push came to shove, Gambit saved Rogue and Rogue saved Gambit.

Mr. & Mrs. X save each other

Emotional Vulnerability (Mr. & Mrs. X #8)

It’s been a long road for the couple to gain this much openness (see: UNCANNY X-MEN #350). We’re so proud of Gambit for tearing down walls and his crafted sense of cool… even if his revelations came in a Mojo-produced documentary with his forced participation.

Mr. & Mrs. X emotional scene

Fairytale Factor (Mr. & Mrs. X #8)

Sure, Rogue could have Prince Charming (played by the ever-delightful Longshot in issue #7), but what girl doesn’t want to be swept off her literal feet by a roguish scoundrel? Showing us you can still be a bad boy while #official, Gambit puts down swoon-worthy moves while he and Rogue are trapped in a fairytale of Mojo’s making.

Mr. & Mrs. X fairytale

Partners in Puns (Mr. & Mrs. X #10)

Usually Gambit is the one throwing down a loaded deck of witticisms and catchphrases, but Rogue shows an equal level of carefully-worded sass when she “cancels” Mojo in her “season finale.” Can also chock this one under “Learning from Each Other.”

Mr. & Mrs. X puns

Partners in Promises (Mr. & Mrs. X #12)

The vows don’t stop after the wedding – as the series drew to a close, Rogue made Gambit a promise that they wouldn’t have to prove anything to each other anymore. It seemed a little lofty to the card flippin’ Cajun, but when you can recognize that a good relationship takes more than a little work, it will be well worth the effort.

Mr. & Mrs. X promises

Want more super-powered #RelationshipGoals? Pick up MR. AND MRS. X VOL. 2: GAMBIT AND ROGUE FOREVER this Wednesday in print or digital wherever comics are sold!



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