Published January 15, 2019

9 Most Important Women in Spider-Man's World

We look back at the most important women in the comic life of Peter Parker.


Mary Jane Watson

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s relationship might be the most famous in all of comic book history. Mary Jane first appeared in Peter’s life decades ago and played an integral part of Spider-Man’s history ever since. Their romantic relationship falters and sways, but Mary Jane’s wellbeing remains a top priority for Spider-Man and played an integral role in seminal Spider-Man storylines.

Gwen Stacy

Before Peter loved Mary Jane, Peter loved Gwen Stacy. Tragically, Green Goblin cut Stacy’s life short by throwing her from a bridge. Peter tried to catch her in his web, but the force of the fall resulted in her death. The death of Peter’s first love impacted him as strongly as the death of his uncle and, even after her death, Gwen Stacy’s memory drives Spider-Man’s heroics each and every day.

Madame Web

Cassandra Webb, a.k.a. Madame Web, appears when Parker needs the most guidance. Being a powerful psychic, Webb helps warn Parker of possible outcomes to his decisions and the lasting ramifications that might result. Thanks to her clairvoyance, Webb knows Spider-Man’s secret identity, but thanks to all of her guidance, Peter considers her a most trusted ally.

Madame Web

Betty Brant

At the Daily Bugle, Betty Brant helped take care of Peter’s career as a photographer by ensuring he got the checks he deserved when J. Jonah Jameson tried to be stingy. Without Betty, Peter couldn’t buy supplies for web fluid, food, or even pay his rent. Peter also briefly dated Betty, but more importantly, Peter’s professional life depended on her.

Spider-Girl (May Parker)

The daughter of an alternate universe Peter Parker, May Parker inherited many of her father’s superhuman abilities, such as his strength, speed, and spider sense. May also adopted her father’s penchant for heroics and applied her skills to saving those in need. May reunited with the original Peter Parker to save the day in the huge Spider-Verse event.

Black Cat

Parker’s romantic relationship with notorious jewel thief Black Cat, a.k.a. Felicia Hardy easily wins the title of his most confusing relationship. Hardy shows no interest in dating Parker and expresses interest only in Spider-Man. These short-lived flings remind Spider-Man to remain on the correct side of the law and also help keep his secret identity priorities in check.

Black Cat


Similar in namesake only, Jessica Drew gained her powers through a serum administered by her parents. After a shape-shifting Skrull tarnished her name, Jessica fought alongside the New Avengers and took down many foes with Spider-Man’s help. Spider-Woman also played an integral role in the Spider-Verse event alongside numerous versions of Spider-Man!


After biting Peter Parker, a radioactive spider also bit Cindy Moon, giving her the same powers bestowed to Parker. Moon lived in seclusion to avoid being killed by Morlun, but when Parker freed her, the two embarked on both a romantic and heroic relationship together. Silk and Spider-Man haven’t known each other long, but she has already proved herself as a strong ally to Spider-man.

Aunt May

Peter’s Uncle Ben might have said, “With great power comes great responsibility,” shaping Peter’s outlook as a super hero, but Peter’s Aunt May reminded him the importance of that message every day. May put a roof over Peter’s head, gave him the necessary advice to tackle any situation, and since the death of his parents, May has proven herself as the most consistent thing in Peter’s daily life.



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