Published May 11, 2023

'Black Panther' #1 Preview Establishes a New Status Quo for T’Challa

Get a special look inside Eve L. Ewing and Chris Allen’s new ‘Black Panther’ series coming this June.

From the shadows of exile, the Black Panther strikes.  

Earlier this year, John Ridley and German Peralta’s BLACK PANTHER (2021) run ended with T’Challa outcast from the nation he once ruled as king. Picking up the broken pieces of T’Challa’s life, writer Eve L. Ewing and artist Chris Allen come together to tell a story of self-discovery in the all-new BLACK PANTHER (2023) #1. Wakanda may no longer have its king, but it still has its protector: the Black Panther.  

In the upcoming series, T’Challa must find a new purpose in Wakanda as the Black Panther. Sporting an edgier, stealthier look, the Black Panther finds himself lurking in the shadows of Birnin T'Chaka, protecting its people from harm’s clutches.  

In this special first look at BLACK PANTHER #1, T’Challa observes the bustling city of Birnin T'Chaka from above, hiding in darkness. Donning a new costume, the Black Panther scans the city from the rooftops, looking for trouble. Then, T’Challa breaks into a high-speed chase throughout the streets of Birnin T'Chaka. In the last two pages of this preview, a new foe emerges to look for information and then disappears without a trace.

Get your first look at the next chapter of T’Challa’s story in a special first look at BLACK PANTHER #1 below!

BLACK PANTHER (2023) #1 interior artwork by Chris Allen

Written by EVE L. EWING
On Sale 6/14

What does the future look like for T'Challa now that he is no longer king? Find out in BLACK PANTHER #1, on sale June 14!

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Black Panther #1 Preview



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