Published June 27, 2023

Captain America and Iron Man Face Off in the ‘Civil Score’

A new undercover mission (and story arc) kicks off in Infinity Comics anthology series ‘Avengers Unlimited.’

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New on the Marvel Unlimited app in AVENGERS UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC #52: Creators Jeremy AdamsPatch Zircher, and Java Tartaglia come together for an all-new heist story, the “Civil Score,” starring Captain America and Tony Stark!

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Captain America: Steve Rogers is on an undercover seek-and-destroy mission—but so is Tony Stark! Can these two heroes put aside their competitive natures to get the job done? On the line is a computer drive that’s been stolen by the Serpent Society. And unfortunately, there’s another party who’s interested in recovering their objective…

Take a look at the first part of espionage adventure “Civil Score” in AVENGERS UNLIMITED #52, then read the full issue on the Marvel Unlimited app. New chapters of this three-part arc will drop each Tuesday!

Preview panels from AVENGERS UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #52.
Preview panels from AVENGERS UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC (2023) #52.

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