Published March 8, 2022

Peggy Carter: History of a Hero

From WWII superspy to Super Soldier, Captain Carter will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Peggy Carter is a pivotal figure in Marvel history who fought with the French Resistance during World War II as a highly decorated S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Now, with Jamie McKelvie and Marika Cresta's CAPTAIN CARTER #1 hitting shelves tomorrow, readers will have the chance to see a different version of Peggy – one who was brought into the present day instead of Steve Rogers. Let’s take a look at Peggy’s Marvel Comics history and see how it stacks up against Captain Carter’s new adventures.

Margaret “Peggy” Carter made her first appearance in 1966’s TALES OF SUSPENSE #75. Though she started out as an unnamed character, she would, of course, go on to become a prominent figure in the Marvel Universe. 

She was born into a wealthy family in Virginia, but when World War II broke out, she left her comfortable lifestyle to join the French Resistance. She became one of the most courageous and talented fighters in the resistance. During this time, she operated as a member of the Office of Strategic Services, a predecessor to the C.I.A., under the codenames “Agent 13” and “Mademoiselle.”

Of course, her service with the Office of Strategic Services led to her famous romance with Steve Rogers. Though she didn’t learn his name or see him unmasked, the time they spent together forged a deep connection between them. She also experienced amnesia during this time, which got her into some trouble with the Red Skull.

If there’s one thing to say about Peggy, it’s that she is impressively multi-talented. She is skilled at using firearms and throwing weapons, as well as unarmed fighting. She’s fluent in multiple languages and, for a period, worked as a member of the Avengers’ support staff, as seen in THE AVENGERS #300. In fact, she was the Avengers’ communications chief, and the communications complex at the Avengers Headquarters was built to her specifications. Peggy also inspired her niece Sharon Carter, who went on to become a prominent figure in S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Wherever there’s action, you can bet Peggy won’t be far behind. In ORIGINAL SIN, readers found out she worked with Howard Stark and Woody McCord to prevent an alien ship from being taken by Hydra in 1952. In CAPTAIN AMERICA #174-175, she and Steve fought the Secret Empire. Over the years, she has crossed paths with the Winter Soldier, Agatha Harkness, and many more.

Peggy continued to play an important role in fighting the many enemies of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the later years of her life. Though the nature of her relationship with Steve was different after his return from suspended animation, the two remained good friends. 

So how does that compare to the alternate story of the Captain Carter we’ll be seeing in the upcoming series? Well, we’ve seen Peggy wielding the Vibranium shield and taking up the Captain mantle before, back when she appeared in EXILES #3 in the Cap role on Earth-86315.

Now, in CAPTAIN CARTER, readers will see a version of Peggy who became a Super Soldier instead of Steve Rogers. She will wake up after having been in suspended animation for nearly 80 years, and let’s just say she’ll be grappling with a lot.

During the war, she was widely recognized as a hero, and the legend of her heroics has continued to the present day. But for Peggy, it’s as if all of her daring deeds just happened. So how will she rectify her experience with the reality of the past eight decades?

What’s more, she’ll have to find her footing in the modern world. Technology is far more advanced, and the enemies have changed. Peggy may be in for one of the greatest challenges of her life when it comes to finding her place in a new world that is unrecognizable to her in so many ways.

To see how Peggy adapts and find out how she rises to the occasion, pick up CAPTAIN CARTER, on shelves March 9.

Captain Carter #1 main cover by Jamie McKelvie

Design Variant Cover by JAMIE MCKELVIE
On Sale 3/9

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