Published May 26, 2023

‘Daredevil & Echo’ #2 Preview Reveals the Evil Lurking Below Hell’s Kitchen

Get your first look at the fight between Daredevil, Echo, and the evil Demagoblin now!

Earlier this week, the new DAREDEVIL & ECHO series by Taboo, B. Earl, and Phil Noto saw the two titular crime fighters reunite to investigate a sinister threat brewing beneath Hell’s Kitchen.  

In this week’s DAREDEVIL & ECHO #1, the duo’s paths crossed as they followed the trail of an organ-stealing serial killer. This leads them to a church, where they were ambushed by none other than the evil Demagoblin! 

A special first look at DAREDEVIL & ECHO #2 shows the heroic duo facing off against the Demagoblin in a fiery double-page spread. Daredevil launches into the air, wielding his billy clubs, while Echo gets ready to strike. Gliding on the back of a skeleton, Demagoblin grabs Daredevil by the horns and slams him to the ground on the following page. Then, Daredevil and Echo wander the streets of New York City until an explosive crisis demands their attention once more.

Get your first look at what’s next for DAREDEVIL & ECHO in this preview for issue #2 below: 

Daredevil & Echo #2 interior art by Phil Noto

Written by TABOO & B. EARL
Art and Cover by PHIL NOTO
On Sale 6/28

Stay tuned for more news about Daredevil and Echo and be sure to pick up the next issue of their team-up series on June 28.  

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