Published October 21, 2021

Black Bolt Breaks His Silence

See what happens when the King of the Inhumans gets recruited to read from the Darkhold in 'The Darkhold: Black Bolt' #1!

Black Bolt's mighty voice is his greatest gift…and since childhood, it has been his greatest curse.

Recruited with four other heroes to read from the Darkhold, a powerful evil text written by the elder god Chthon, Black Bolt thought he was signing up for a battle befitting a king. But the true battlefield…is his own mind.

On November 24, the King of the Inhumans breaks his silence in THE DARKHOLD: BLACK BOLT #1!

THE DARKHOLD: BLACK BOLT #1 cover by Travel Foreman
THE DARKHOLD: BLACK BOLT #1 cover by Travel Foreman

Critically acclaimed writer Mark Russell is joined by penciler David Cutler, inker Roberto Poggi, colorist Matt Milla, and letterer VC's Clayton Cowles to bring you a scream-worthy story that will break an empire!

Explore the haunted hideaways found deep in the pages of the Darkhold at your local comic shop in just one month's time... Peek inside the ish below, pre-order today, then read it on November 24!

THE DARKHOLD: BLACK BOLT #1 preview art by David Cutler with inks by Roberto Poggi and colors by Matt Milla



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