Published December 4, 2018

Earth's Mightiest Show Has Your 'Killmonger #1' Preview Right Here

KILLMONGER #1 makes its debut this week -- EMS has a first look at what's inside!

Are you ready to find out how Killmonger came to be? Your wait is almost over, and Earth's Mightiest Show has an inside look at KILLMONGER #1, a new five-issue limited series starring Black Panther's biggest foe that goes on sale Wednesday, December 5. KILLMONGER is written by Bryan Edward Hill with art by Juan Ferreyra and traces the origin story of N’Jadaka, who was taken from his Wakandan homeland as a boy and later became the villain we know today. The video above has five things you need to know about Killmonger, and you can see preview pages from the first issue below:

Page from Killmonger #1
Page from Killmonger #1
Page from Killmonger #1

KILLMONGER #1, written by Bryan Edward Hill with art by Juan Ferreyra, goes on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, December 5. Pre-order your copy today either online or at your local comic shop!

Cover of Killmonger #1



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