Published April 7, 2023

'Fall of X' Forces Iceman to Push His Omega-Level Powers to Their Limit in 'Astonishing Iceman'

Steve Orlando and Vincenzo Carratù launch a new Iceman solo series this August.

Since 2019’s revolutionary HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X series, mutantkind has experienced unparalleled growth and prosperity on the island nation Krakoa—but can it really last forever?

Following July’s X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1, mutantkind will enter a thrilling new era of uncertainty, danger, and mystery known as FALL OF X! But as the X-Men recover from this brutal defeat, one member will strike out on their own as Earth’s new protector in ASTONISHING ICEMAN

Just in time for the X-Men’s 60th anniversary, readers will witness one of the X-Men’s founding members embark on his most extraordinary chapter yet in a new series written by Steve Orlando (MARAUDERS, SCARLET WITCH) and drawn by Vincenzo Carratù (MARY JANE & BLACK CAT). Launching in August, ASTONISHING ICEMAN will elevate Bobby Drake to Super Hero greatness, complete with a new base of operations, never-before-seen uses of his abilities, and fierce new enemies. Iceman’s newfound purpose will position him amongst Marvel’s most powerful beings, but a dark side effect of his new mission could cause it all to shatter…

After the events of this year’s can’t-miss Hellfire Gala, Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman, sets his sights on heroic deeds like never before. But as a new situation develops that links Iceman to his Antarctic ice palace, he’ll have to be slicker than ever to accomplish his mission before Orchis knows what hit them! See the Omega-level mutant as you’ve never seen him before in a new saga that’ll push Iceman to the limits of his powers…and beyond!

"Have I not been saying my next Marvel project was cool as hell?" Orlando said. "ASTONISHING ICEMAN has been not just a joy, but a challenge, and the best possible kind....because the FALL OF X means Iceman's life is more dangerous and harrowing than ever. But Bobby is a hero to the core, and there's no danger he's met in whose face he won't laugh. When it's more dangerous than ever to be a hero, that's when Iceman's at his most heroic! And with Jesús Saiz and Vincenzo Carratù joining me on this—Iceman's going to look cooler than ever. See what I did there?"

ASTONISHING ICEMAN #1 cover by Jesús Saiz

On Sale 8/2

See Iceman ice-slide his way into his next era on Jesús Saiz’s ASTONISHING ICEMAN #1 cover, and stay tuned throughout the day for more FALL OF X news!

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