Published March 22, 2019

Five of Tony Stark’s Most Dangerous and Deadly Inventions

Stark’s company is behind the technology that threatens the Skrulls. See what they’re up against!

Skrulls – they can turn into anyone on Earth and they’re living just down the street from you! If someone knocks on your door and asks to borrow a cup of sugar, they’re probably a Skrull. Who, in the entire history of mankind, has ever actually needed to borrow a cup of sugar?

No wonder Tony Stark’s company is working on a secret Skrull-dectection device within the pages of MEET THE SKRULLS #3, which goes on sale Wednesday, April 17. Mr. and Mrs. Warner have been tasked with infiltrating Stark Unlimited to find out just how much of a threat the tech poses to them.

To get a sense of what the Skrulls are up against, here are some of the most dangerous and deadly devices Mr. Stark has devised over the years.


Iron Man suit

You knew this was one was coming, didn’t you? It’s Tony Stark’s most iconic weapon and the one that makes him Iron Man, giving him the power of flight and the ability to shoot energy blasts from his robotic palms. Without it, he’s just a normal billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, etc.

After its first-ever appearance in 1963, the Iron Man suit has become more and more advanced, eventually taking on the red and yellow hues the character is known for. The armor also allows Stark to breathe in any environment, particularly outer space.

However, the proprietary Iron Man tech is highly coveted among the hero’s many enemies and many recreations (some good, some shoddy) have popped up over the years. The appearance of Iron Man has made the world both safer and more dangerous all at the same time.


Pocket Disintegrator Ray

During the height of the Cold War, Tony Stark developed a pocket disintegrator ray to use against the Communists of the Soviet Union. Installing it into a nondescript flashlight casing, Stark demonstrated the invention’s capabilities to representatives of the U.S. Army, destroying a solid brick wall and even a tank. Postulating on the device’s uses, Tony theorized that an enlarged version of the ray could wipe out of a fleet of battleships or, perhaps, an entire city.



These Iron Man-inspired suits made their debut in 1963’s AVENGERS #94, which heavily featured the Skrulls. Designed by Tony for S.H.I.E.L.D., the preliminary testing for the Mandroid suits saw the Avengers miserably defeated. When put the test, the suits really did their jobs. Eventually, the Mandroids would be used for guarding government installations. Domino once faced off against them, but thanks to her luck, she was able to defeat them.


Iron Spider suit

Sure, this suit gave our favorite wall-crawler a new and exciting high-tech suit, but it also proved to be another Pandora’s Box-type deal for the Marvel Universe. The proof lies with Miles Morales’ uncle, Aaron (aka Prowler), who purchased a black and gold version of the suit when he joined up with the Sinister Six.


Super Hero Registration

Ok, so he may not have created the bill on his own, and it may not be a technological weapon, but Tony Stark was the biggest proponent of having superpowered individuals register with the government after the fiasco with the New Warriors. In fact, he was both the mascot and cheerleader for it, a position that put him directly against Captain America who was totally against it from the beginning. As we all know now, the advent of the Superhuman Registration Act prompted a bloody and deadly civil war between all of the Avengers.

MEET THE SKRULLS #3, written by Robbie Thompson with art by Niko Henrichon, goes on sale Wednesday, April 17. You can pre-order your copy now, online and at your local comic shop.

Meet the Skrulls #3



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